Trump Makes a Good trade deal with Mexico!!!

Finally, the United States and Mexico have come to an agreement in regards to the Nafta (North American Free Trade Agreement). This news came out when President Donald Trump mentioned that they have cracked a “really good deal” with Mexico benefiting both the countries mutually. After the frequent criticism towards the existing trade deal, Trump has finally managed to renegotiate with Mexico and the best part is he is happy with this.
Where Mexico has happily agreed to the new terms and conditions put forth by the United States, one other member, Canada has yet to agree on the terms. Regarding the Canada Nafta agreement, it has been said that the meeting is going to be held on coming Tuesday.

See What Trump has to say about this?

Well! Trump has stated that the United States and Mexico have come on board with the new trade terms that would make for more of a fair deal between the two countries. It has been a year that the negotiators of the three countries – Canada, Mexico, and the United States have been working on the Nafta treaty.  A few weeks back Canada was kept on sidelines in regards to the Nafta treaty agreement.
On this account, Donald Trump said that they are planning to crack a different deal with Canada and therefore will discuss the terms with them separately. This is not where the story ended, as per the news, Donald Trump is also threatening Canada with the increased tariffs on cars.

What is Canada’s plan of action?

Well! While this has been going on, Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau has had a constructive conversation with Mr. Trump right after the news came out regarding their successful deal with Mexico. The results of this conversation can be assumed to be positive as the Canadian foreign minister is expected to travel to Washington DC this coming Tuesday.
Let us hope that the negotiation goes well between the United States and Canada and finally the Nafta deal settles between these two countries as happily as it got settled with Mexico.

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