The United States Pushing New Pakistan's Government to Issue Equality among Minorities!!!

As per the latest stunts of the United States, they are urging the new government of Pakistan to give equality to all the religious minorities along with the dignity. Recently, South Asia Minorities Alliance Foundation (SAMAF) along with the VOK that is Voice of Karachi organized a “Minorities Day on the Hill” this Wednesday where the lawmakers urged Imran Khan ruled government to stop human rights violation towards minorities in Karachi and all other parts of Pakistan like Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province and Balochistan.

Equality Among All Religious Minorities in Pakistan

Since the election of Imran Khan as a new ruling person in Pakistan government, has been working on building and changing some of the major governmental acts. In light of this, the United States government suggested his government to work on bringing equality to all the religious minorities in all the parts of the country in the Minorities day on the Hill.
Being the host of the Minorities Day on the Hill event, US Congressman Thimas Garrett Jr appealed to all the participating countries to provide the equality to all the minority classes in their respective countries giving them the respect and dignity that they deserve.
Adding to his statement, he mentioned how Mohajirs, people who migrated to Pakistan post-independence, are still not given equal rights in the country and are treated differently. Adding on the Congressman also said that they are not advocating this on behalf of any particular group, in fact, he mentioned that the United States government would really appreciate their allies to treat all the groups of people with equality, respect, and dignity.
During this meeting, the lawmakers from Pennsylvania stated how it would be nice of America to take a lead on this and demand all the countries to work on bringing all the groups of people to equality. The conference ended with the United States congressman supporting the cause of ethnic as well as religious minorities in all the countries.

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