See Why Trump Administration states – "Conserving Oil no more a necessity?"

Recently, a shocking statement came out from the Trump administration stating “conserving oil is no longer an economic imperative for the United States. This new policy statement holds a threat to undermine the government campaigns running for the efficient cars and other oil conservation programs.

A critic of the motion states and we quote –

“like saying, ‘I’m a big old fat guy, and food prices have dropped – it’s time to start eating again”

Adding on to his statement, he also mentioned that there is a downside to living large. This position was actually outlined in a new memo that was released last month in the support of the administration’s proposal on the relaxation of the fuel mileage standards.
The US energy department mentioned how the growth of the natural gas and other alternatives to petroleum has eminently reduced the need for importing oil affecting the need for the nation to conserve energy. Not only this, in addition, they also mentioned the unlocking of the shale oil reserves. With this unlocking of the shale oil reserve, the United States becomes more flexible to use their oil resources with less concern.
Where this memo stated the good news for oil consumption in the country, there, it has not mentioned anything about the climate change. Donald Trump has recently questioned the existence of the climate change. He also embraced the notion of the “energy dominance” and also called for easing burdensome regulation of oil, gas, and coal.
Although the oil supplies have immensely increased, the administration still believes in the need of the people to use energy wisely and smartly.
Sean Donahue, a lawyer for the environmental Defense Find mention that the climate change still remains a concerning issue and still present danger to the future.
On the same note, Jhon Graham, a former official of George W Bush also stated that the ability of the US to play a role as a leader in the world as we have become the strongest producer of oil and gas. Although this is a good news, still it is very important to spend the oil resources smartly and wisely.

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