International Crypto Conference | North Korea to Host!

Since the introduction of the blockchain technology in the market, it has been catching fire all around the globe. According to the latest update, North Korea is soon going to host its first-ever international cryptocurrency & blockchain conference. According to the information that we have managed to gather, North Korea is planning to hold this conference on 1st October 2018.

International Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Conference to be held in North Korea

According to the latest updates straight from North Korea, it is going to host its first International Cryptocurrency &? blockchain conference on 1st October this year. In this conference, the blockchain, as well as cryptocurrency experts, are going to be invited to this conference going to be held in North Korea’s capital city, Pyongyang.

The purpose of this conference?

So far we have gathered that this conference is organized by North Korea with the motto of attracting the attention of the cryptocurrency and blockchain investors and experts. Not only this through this conference the country is also planning to showcase the advancements that they have brought in both the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain.
During the event, the Attendees will also get a chance to meet the North Korean business officials during the event. Although this is not something that is usually considered unexpected but given the history of North Korea in the cryptocurrency exchange hacks, the idea of holding international cryptocurrency and blockchain conference has come out as a bit of unexpected step from the country.

The Attempt towards Crypto Mining

When it comes to crypto mining, North Korea earlier showcased no interest. It was recently when North Korea took an attempt on developing a bitcoin mining operation last year.
The research division of Korea, KDB (Korea Development Bank) compiled a local report that reflected the North Korea’s attempts towards the bitcoin mining. However, the attempts led to no success and the reason for shutting down the mining operations was not disclosed.
While this news popped up, the reports also suggested that North Korean technology firm, Chosun Expo also developed a cryptocurrency exchange for the bitcoin trading at the time.
Where the news of North Korea hosting a conference are confirmed, we are not sure if the international experts and investors will be interested in attending the event, considering the North Korea’s reputation in the industry across the world.

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