Hush Money Payments by Cohen – Legal | President Trump Stated!

There has been a lot of issues going on in the United States. One of the recent issues that popped up in the country was in relation to the payment that president Donald Trump gave the women who said that they had affairs. It comes after the ex-lawyer of Trump, Michael Cohen pleaded guilty for violating laws during the presidential election over the matter of hush money that he handled for the president.
When asked about this matter, Donald Trump mentioned that these payments came from his personal account and was not paid from campaign money. This was a bit shocking as earlier Mr. Trump completely denied knowing anything about these payments. This is not all, he is also throwing stones on Cohen for making up stories to receive a lighter sentence.

President Trump’s Statement

During an interview when this matter came up that aired n full on Thursday, Mr. Trimp mentioned about the hush money stating it was not a campaign violation. He added they came from me and tweeted about it. Moving ahead he also mentioned he had only found out about the payments later on.
Earlier Cohen, his ex-lawyer stated a contradictory statement regarding this payout. He said under oath that the president had instructed him to make the payments.

Did these payments break Campaign Rule?

Cohen, ex-personal lawyer of Mr. Trump admitted passing on funds to two women thought to be porn star Stormy Daniels and Playboy Model Karen, McDougal. It was after the campaign when this issue came out in the open before the Federal Election Commission. The question remains whether or not the payments were made to protect Trump’s personal reputation.
There is a rule in the US Federation that any payment that is made with the aim of influencing a vote must be reported. Cohen acknowledged that in court that he was instructed by Mr. Trumo to pay off the ladies.
The confusion in this matter still persist. In case Mr. Trump was to be prosecuted, it could not happen in the normal court instead he will be carried out in the Congress through an impeachment process.
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