40 Children Killed by the Bomb Supplied by the United States [US] in Yemen

A devastating news came online regarding the death of 40 innocent children in Yemen in a Bomb blast. As per the complete report, this bomb was sold by the United States to Riyadh. According to what media is suggesting, this attack on the school bus was carried out by a Saudi-led warplane. This attack killed 40 boys from 6-11 age who were going on a school trip. Not only this but along with 40 kids, 11 adults also died in this incident.

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As per the report submitted by the local authorities, 79 people were wounded in the incident out of which 56 were children. The weapon used in the attack was reported to be a 227 Kg laser-guided bomb that was made by Lockheed Martin.
Saudi Arabia is the biggest arms customers of both the UK and the US. The United States also supports the coalition with the refueling and intelligence. The investigative journalists identified the bomb fragments right after the blast from the pictures and videos taken. They suggested that this bomb was from a laser-guided version of an MK-82 bomb named GBU-12 Paveway II. Not only this but the investigative journalism site, Bellingcat also tracked the bomb to the shipment of a thousand of such bombs being transferred to Saudi Arabia.

What did Lockheed Spokesperson say about these attacks?

A spokesperson for Lockheed Martin referred questions about this bombing to the Pentagon. The defense department said that it does not make a tactical decision for the Saudi-led coalition but does provide them support to improve targeting. Adding on the Bellingcat report also suggested the possibility of the bomb parts being planted, as the pictures and videos were not taken of them where they fell after the boom, instead, they were gathered together for the picture.
This sad news of the death of 40 children came out and has devastated everyone around the globe. The investigative journalist, however, has tracked the bomb to the shipment to Saudi Arabia and is still marking on a possibility of falsification of the bomb parts.

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