NASA on its edge to test the Hardware to fend off the GPS Hackers!

Recently, the incidents have shown the vulnerability of the vehicles that rely on the GPS navigation towards spoofing. This has become quite a concerning issue as the drivers are continuously being lead off from their intended course.

A Pyramid Shaped Device by Regulus Cyber Ltd. Designed to prevent GPS Hacking

As per the reports, a palm-size pyramid-shaped device has been designed by the famous Regulus Cyber Ltd. with the multiple numbers of antennas and receivers to ensure the safety of the GPS signals from the hackers. Before just jumping onto it, let us just take a brief look at how it operates.

How does it work?

# This simple yet effective device designed for GPS hacking protection needs to be plugged into the car or drone between the GPS receiver and control system.
# This device then, triangulates the source of the signals that it is receiving by a combination of the 5 embedded antennas and GPS receivers. During this process, signals from unexpected directions trigger an alert.
# This pyramid then switches to navigation from the route it has downloaded prior to starting the trip ensuring that you are on the right path. Once the suspicious signals are gone, it jumps back to the live GPS Data.
Isn’t it amazing? This device is designed by Yonatan Zur [41] and Yoav Zagvil [39] who are working as a chief executive officer and chief technical officer at Regulus Cyber. The funding for the project came from Sierra Ventures, Canaan Partners Israel, and F2 Capital.

NASA Testing this Technology?

Yes, NASA has been testing the prototype of this pyramid technology designed by Regulus Cyber in drones in North Dakota.
This technology will definitely work as a life savior from the continuous hacking of GPS. As per the information, this device is still to hit the street after the successful testing of its prototype by NASA.

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