Where’s the Best Pizza in the World?

best pizza

Joanna Lowy is content manager at trip-planning platform, Tripening

Travel and pizza: Two of our favorite things. Naturally, we thought it’d be pretty cool to combine the two like the most delicious topping combo at your local joint. So, if you’re hoping to book a vacation and want to ensure you’ll be eating only the best while there, you’re in the right place!

1. Naples

As if we could – really – start anywhere else! Italy is – obviously – the country of pizza and, as such, will feature heavily on our list. However, to really narrow it down, you can’t get much better than the southern city of Naples – the actual birthplace of the popular food and famed globally for it as a result.

Expect a soft, floppy, perfectly light  wood-fired-oven-baked crust topped with melted mozzarella and locally sourced sweet tomatoes. And – if you’re really keen – spend some time in an authentic pizza workshop to learn all the secrets from a local chef (and pair your creation with a glass of wine after!). 

2. New York

Don’t let anyone tell you there’s anything wrong with a classic New York slice of pizza – especially seeing as it was actually invented by Neapolitan immigrants who adapted their unbeatable style from back home. A cheesy, crispy, triangular slice awaits, and you can get your fix in authentic pizzerias all over the city.

If you like your beer, too, we also recommend the awesome Pizza, Beer and History Tour

3. LA

One upon a time in Hollywood (like what we did there?) Tinseltown was not famed for having good pizza. Most places – especially as well-accomplished as Los Angeles – would simply shrug this off and accept that you can’t be good at everything, but not the City of Angels, oh no; instead, it dusted off its cookbook and turned to Naples for some much-needed inspiration. As a result, LA now offers a rustic pizza made from the finest ingredients. A star was most certainly born.

4. Florence 

Back to Italy we go – if for no other reason than the sublime experience of eating its Neapolitan pizza offering while sitting along the Arno river and gazing at this most beautiful city. It simply doesn’t get any better. (Or, at least, it wouldn’t, if this pizza and gelato-making class didn’t exist!)

5. Caserta

Located just outside of Naples, this garden-filled town is oozing with charm and locally sourced ingredients to craft pizzas that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

6. London

Ok,  hear us out: You may not immediately think of this buzzing British capital as a place for fine pizza, but according to the world-renowned 50 Top Pizza guide 2020, eight were found in London. Take that, fish and chips! 

7. Las Vegas

You wouldn’t really expect anything less than world-class pizza from a city that attracts celebrity chefs from all over the globe, would you? Having said that, Sin City is also partial to a bit of traditional home-cooking, which you can find in a number of local offerings here, too.

8. Milan

Despite being yet another Italian offering, Milan has never boasted one specific pizza style over another. As a result, you can probably find just about anything here – this Milan Gourmet Food Tour the perfect place to start.  

9. Venice

It could be that everything just tastes better in the City of Water, thanks to the romantic effect of this real-life painting, but we’re also pretty sure that the new generation of artisanal bakers using only the finest ingredients, coupled with the delicious wine on offer here, too, has something to do with it as well!

10. Orlando

The pizza party here is dominated by both New York Italians and Italian Italians – meaning no matter where you look for your tomato ‘n’ cheese fix – whether Neapolitan or Big Apple – you’re sure to find it. 

11. Rome

Our last – but by no means least – Italian offering on this list, pizza in Rome can either mean thinly-crisp rounds, baked in minutes or thicker, focaccia-like squares, baked in mere seconds! No matter the style you choose, you can be sure it will always be made from premium flour and  topped with high quality toppings sourced locally. Wash down with a glass of wine and you’ve got the perfect meal – Belissima! You can also learn from the best at a Pizza Cooking Class With Wine Tasting (er … yes, please!).

12. Chicago 

Chicago offers something for everyone in terms of pizza – be it the deep-dish style, stuffed crust or classic Neapolitan – and you can get all this – and more – in the Chicago Favorites Food Walking Tour! Burning off the calories as you eat? We stan.

As the saying goes: 94% of Americans eat pizza. The other 6% cry a lot.

Have we whetted your appetite for more? Check out this exhaustive list of pizza-related activities all over the world! You’re welcome.

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