What is Remote Island Experience? Destinations that can give you one such

The concept behind spending a vacation time at an isolated place with very few people around has become a popular trend mainly due to over flooded traditional tourist spots and desire to flee away from everyday life. Sometimes the concept of remote island experience becomes very difficult to understand as every isolated place have very limited rooms to stay along with offering food and other amenities at very high prices.
However, after going through the reviews made by people who had spent their vacations in some ‘no man’s land’, it seems that remote island experience is something which each one of us must go through at least once in a lifetime. Especially the honeymooners whose biggest fascinations remains spending quality time alone with one another before entering into a more social and integrated life.
For the rest, experiencing nature or just riding a bicycle on a remote island might seem fascinating. Experiencing crystal clear water, white sand beaches and exclusive natural views when you remain disconnected from other world, without internet or mobile phone can prove thrilling and fearful at the same time. Yet, we hunt for such places! With that note, lets have a look at some destinations that can give you a “Remote island experience”, particularly for the ones who desire to have a unique vacation next time.

Stowe, Vermont

Breathing a fresh air in Vermont is many people’s dream and when it comes with serenity and out worldly sights, the experience becomes outstanding. Stowe is a small place for a holiday and may not prove coolest for adventure seekers, yet unique colonial buildings along with countryside lush pine forests and people living a life like the ancient ones will make you love this place for sure. If you have travelled to busy streets of U.K., then Stowe will be liked by you more with Mom and Pop shows performed there and acres of land where you can go for hiking to cure whatever ails you. Do not forget to visit Farmers market on Sundays when you visit Stowe as there you can get finest stocks of fresh farm supplies before you further head up for Cady Hill comprising various routes surrounded with maple trees and forest deer.

Koh Kradan, Thailand

Thailand is a place full of parties and crowd merry makings. But not this place. Discover the island of Koh Kradan to experience Thai specialities of the southwest. This place can be accessed by travelling via longtail boat. This island has no shops, no roads or vehicles, no ATMs and even no village. The only thing present is coral reef and beaches. However, few small resorts can be found there, but make sure you book one before so that you need not spend time in an open beach. This island’s most of the area is covered with National Park where you may find some rare species of birds and plants.

Picnic Island, Australia

This is one of those places where you will desire to get cut off with rest of the world to remain with nature and take rest to regain energy. Nevertheless, Tasmanian island also comes with a warning sign that says: ‘Your sleep can get disturbed or awaken by hundreds of shearwater and penguins that nest in this island’. During the day time, you will definitely get distracted by beautiful dolphins, occasional sea whales and seals that travels past the island to distract you while you take a nap on the beach side. This isle is privately owned by former Victorian Liberal MP Clem Newton-Brown. This man had built an amazing copper-clad eco-retreat besides the waterfronts that can now be rented from the agents present there.

Road to Hana, Maui, Hawaii

A lonely highway from Kahului to Hana of Eastern Maui is also called ‘Road to Hana’. This highway road is around 65 miles long that takes you for a long drive of around 2.5 hours. The entire way is full of beautiful natural sights that will make you stop your cars in between your ride to savour the forest green and tremendous roadside views. Hamoa Beach of Maui is a place for those travellers who looks for a deserted island to remain isolated from other world although some people argue that not much visitors visit this place like typical tourist beaches.

Bob Marshall Wilderness Area, Montana

This area is also referred to as “The Bob” by all those travellers who visits this place that is full of wonderful patches spread all over the heart of Montana. Although camping is permitted in ‘The Bob’, nothing else can be found here like mining or logging. No roads or bridges can be found for which this place is ranked the fifth-largest place in most wildered areas of US. Therefore, if you ever plan to visit this place, make you packing in a very organised a planned manner to tackle outdoor holidaying of US like a pro.

Antipaxos Island, Greece

Santroni and Mykonos remains in the headlines of Greece that consists of more than 6000 islands out of which 227 are still inhabited. Thus, many visitors get attracted to these places to discover secret spots on earth. Antipaxos is one such destination that homes beaches that can easily impress travellers as they are linked to the Caribbean. This small island homes very few residents, with few cars and no shops at all. However, daytrips are available at this place from Paxos to Corfu. Next time if you plan to spend you weekend in a lonely beach, try Antipaxos island to gain ‘Remote island Experience’.

Apulit Island, Philippines

Remote island holidays do not always means spending a time lazily at beach, but also making an adventurous hiking or chillaxing amidst nature. The resorts available at Apulit island of Philippines in the province of Palawan are some that you can book before handed to offer yourself some adventurous yet relaxing remote island visit. Guests of this island are allowed to move around 60m wide limestone island for getting some exhilarating views along with taking a dive beside a wrecked ship in the offshore and beside caves. This island provides with a 50 minutes boat ride and has more than 50 water cottages that are perched above the sea, facing Taytay Bay and surrounded by islands with dramatic cliffs.

Galapagos, Ecuador

This island of Galapagos is almost 1000 km away from the Ecuador that resembles like a film studio of Disney movies, but with no animals to scare you. Only animals that can found over there are penguins, sealions, dolphins, turtles, tortoises and even whale that will swim around you to provide you with best views in a massive land. This island remains farthest from all other holiday destinations where approximately one quarter of island species remains endemic.

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