Virtual Reality: A Substitute for Travelling or an Opportunity for Travellers who Yearn for Fresh Experience Each Day?

In today’s era, travelling has become all about experiencing new things and see world’s hook and corner. It makes us realise that there are so many wonderful places to be discovered and stuffs to do which has never been done before. Travel freaks know that travelling is much more than just packing your stuff and head up for an expedition with meticulous strategizing and planning made during the entire trip.
A very significant part of planning while deciding upon a destination place for travelling is travel-friendly technology that can enhance our travelling experience even before we actually visit the place. When tourism is about seeking personal and deeper emotional connections with surrounding world, it is also becoming questionable for experiencing it in economic way without hampering memories that can be recalled or re-shared for rest of our lives.
Virtual reality (VR) is one of the latest technologies developed by software and research developers that is slowly getting involved into many fields like travelling, medical, gaming, education etc. to simplify our everyday life. With the advent of technology and evolution of VR technology, travelling experience has formed a mash up of virtual worlds and physical atmosphere in which VR’s practically removes physical travelling completely.
When over tourism or excessive footfall of tourists in many popular destinations have degraded heritage sites and quality of host communities, it has affected visitors’ experiences also. VR not only recreates historical experiences by providing virtual access to every remote locations of chosen place, but also offers alternate solution to access threatened locations without any trouble. In fact, many companies that are involved in travelling business are using VR technology in various manner.

Hoteliers use VR for inviting guests

In 2015, Shangri La of Singapore and Marriott Group of Hotels used Samsung Gear VR headsets that allowed its gusts travel around the world sitting in their hotel rooms. Marriott’s named this service as ‘VRoom Service’ and became the first one to use VR technology in hotel industry. Along with it, this group of hotels also launched ‘VR postcard’ in which immersive stories followed their guest travellers during their journey from the destination. Best Western Hotels and Resorts become the next one to use VR in hotel industry and in 2018, every guest are able to get a tour of its 2000 properties by just sitting at one place.

VR technology and theme parks

If you desire taking a roller coaster ride, but still afraid of being in air, VR technology is a boon for you. In fact, many theme parks present in the world have started adopting VR technology to make people experience extreme rides. Alton Tower Resort has taken the first step with the help of Galactica to give the world’s first rollercoaster experience in VR. According to the Park officials, the VR rides provided by them transforms the riders into an astronaut who plunges out in the space with G-Force and possessing much power than a real rocket launcher.

VR travelling also increases possibilities of enhancing well-being and health. Long working hours and stressful lives leads us to depression and anxiety. Even researchers and health experts believe that visiting outdoors encourages rejuvenation, expectation, relaxation and more importantly makes you trust in yourself with improved self-esteem, thereby contributing in reduced anti-health symptoms. Taking a short ride with VR systems can give you such experience to mirror travelling experience and improve health.

VR technology has become an important invention that gives up both pleasurable and practical experience. For travellers, seeking new experience each day, combined with real and virtual world experience may become one of the most adopted features of tourism in future years.

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