UAE (Dubai) Visa Guide for Females

Travelling is therapeutic, especially when you are travelling alone. While there is adventure and thrill in travelling to new cities and countries on your own, there is also an issue of safety, especially for single women. However, there are some cities in the world that are great for solo travelling, and Dubai is one of them. Although Dubai is a Muslim country and is conservative in some aspects, it is safe for solo female travellers because of strict rules against criminal and sexual offences. So, if you are looking for the apt place for your solo female trip, Dubai is one of the best places to go to. But before you go, here is some important information on visit visa for ladies in UAE.

Can a Single Woman Travel to Dubai?

When it comes to the Middle East, we here about lot of restrictions on women, especially single female travellers. Several Middle Eastern cities do not allow single women to visit on their own. However, it is not the same when it comes to United Arab Emirates. It is possible for single women to enter Dubai or any other Emirate city for a holiday or a business trip without the need to be accompanied by a male companion (father, husband or brother).

What is the Age Limit for Dubai Visa for Females?

The age limit for Dubai visa for females should be at least 25 years. In short, single women, under the age of 25, should be accompanied by their father or husband to get a visa to Dubai. The age limit extends to 30 years for Moroccan women. If you are a single woman, with a Moroccan passport, under the age of 30, your visa application is likely to be rejected.

How to Get UAE Visa for Single Female?

The process of getting a UAE visa for a single female is the same everyone else’s. If you hold the passport of Australia, Bahrain , Canada, China, USA, United Kingdom, Singapore Andorra, Bahrain, Austria, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Finland, Czech Republic, Malaysia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, etc. you are eligible for visa on arrival. Citizens of the USA are eligible for 30 days visa on arrival. If you want to stay for longer duration, you have to contact the immigration office in the UAE and apply for one.
In case you have to apply for a UAE or Dubai visa, you need to submit the following documents:

  • Completely and correctly filled visa application form
  • Recent photograph
  • You would have to submit documents related to your travel record or financial records
  • You would also need to provide a visa fee, which is not refundable, even if your visa gets rejected.

What are the Chances of UAE Visa Rejection for Females?

As mentioned earlier, if you are a woman under the age of 25 and planning to travel alone in Dubai or anywhere else in the UAE, your visa is likely to be rejected. Apart from this, here are some reasons that could lead to the rejection of your visa application:

  • If your passport does not have at least 6 months validity, your visa application would be rejected
  • If you had lived in Dubai or UAE previously and your residence visa was not cancelled properly, this could also lead to rejection of your visa application.
  • If there are errors in your application form like spelling or factual errors in your name, passport number, nationality, etc. there is a high chance that you would not get a UAE or Dubai visa.

Rules for Female Visiting UAE

Once you have your UAE visa, you would be excited to start your holiday. However, there are some rules or tips that you should keep in mind during your visit in Dubai, so that you have a hassle-free and memorable holiday.

  • Although you do not have to wear an abaya or burqa in Dubai, it would be best to dress a little conservatively, as a respect to the culture of the country you are visiting and also to avoid attracting unnecessary attention.
  • Always dress in a way that your arms, knees and neckline are covered. Swimwear should be worn only at beaches or pool areas. Cover up while travelling to and from your hotel room.
  • You can wear absolutely anything at the nightclubs or pubs. However, it is important to cover yourself while travelling to the party place.
  • Apart from Dubai and Abu Dhabi, all other Emirate cities are bit more conservative, so it is important to dress accordingly.
  • Taking a cab or any other public transport is extremely safe in Dubai or even Abu Dhabi. Avoid sitting in the front with the driver, unless the driver is female.
  • When in pubs and nightclubs, avoid accepting drinks from strangers.

A Dubai or UAE holiday for females is extremely safe and enjoyable. So, all you need to do is apply for your visit visa for dubai and get set for an amazing Arabian holiday on your own.

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