Top Things To Do In Jeddah

Top Things To Do In Jeddah

Being the second largest city of Saudi Arabia, Jeddah is the ultimate destination of famous tourist attractions. It includes many historical landmarks and museums. Jeddah is the home of wonderful modern attractions and holds a surprising number of world records. 

Jeddah is the birthplace of several art and music. The multi vibrant culture and a unique blend of cuisine make this place an exquisite hub for millions of worldwide visitors. The ancient architecture, colourful sunset shades and amazing underwater life will give you a memorable experience. 

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Top things to do in Jeddah

Jeddah is worth visiting and is a place with numerous attractions. Some of the top sites are listed below.

  • Visit Al Balad

Al Balad is a vibrant market place in Jeddah that has multi storied buildings made of mud, brick and stone. This market sells everything from spices, honey to textiles and gold and silver. The design of the buildings takes you to the fairytales of the Arabian Nights. This is the oldest town in Jeddah and acts as a gateway to Makkah. 

  • Shop at Mall of Arabia

Spend your whole day at the Mall of Arabia that is located on three floors and has several stores to shop from. The mall is designed with white interiors, colourful LED lights and fun art installations. Browse the stores to find the best thing for you. The mall holds an amazing collection of stores from fashion outlets to electronic stores and departmental stores to beauty stores. There is a grand food plaza at the ground floor where you can enjoy multi cuisines.

  • Al Shallal theme park

It is one of the famous amusement parks of Saudi Arabia. It features boat rides, gentle rides for kids, thrill rides, skating and arcade games. There are many shopping stores, food stalls and restaurants around the park. You can get the best Chinese and Lebanese cuisine at Al Shallal complex. It is a great place to have fun with your loved ones.

  • Jeddah corniche

The Jeddah Corniche, popularly known as Jeddah waterfront, is a wide coastal resort area. It has the King Fahd Fountain, the highest fountain in the world, and is the famous landmark in Jeddah. The cornice is well equipped with restaurants, aquarium, retail outlets, hotel, water dancing fountain, gardens and cultural centre.

  • Fakieh aquarium

Fakieh aquarium is the only public aquarium in Saudi Arabia which is a home to over 200 marine species. It includes dolphins, stingrays, sharks, seahorses, sea lions and many more. You can enjoy a live dolphin show and can even take a swim with them. 

  • Floating mosque

The magnificent Al Rahma Mosque is the floating mosque in the Red sea. The mosque is a perfect blend of traditional design and classical Islamic art. The interior has eight pillars that support a central vault. The roof is beautifully laden with stained glass. The mosque is featured with modern lighting and sound system for worshipping. 

  • Gabel street souq

Gabel Street Souq is a part of old Jeddah and comprises a number of shops and stalls that sell various products. It is one of the traditional shopping destinations that cannot be missed. You can find here a wide range of items of household stuff, plants, perfumes,  gold, home décor, fashion and utility. 

  • Obhur

The Obhur beach is one of the famous beaches in Saudi Arabia that holds natural beauty with a tranquil atmosphere. It is a perfect spot for unwinding yourself. The beach offers various activities for fun and adventure. You can enjoy swimming and camping here. This place has good facilities for hotels and restaurants. 

Jeddah is known for its spiritual vibes and pilgrimage Hajj. If you are planning to visit this city and explore the wonderful attractions then you are most welcome. There are several flights available from every corner of the world that connects to this destination. The flydubai booking can be done if you want to join the voyage from Dubai. 

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