Top Mobile Games for Traveling

Top Mobile Games for Traveling

Traveling is a great time to relax and get away from it all, and games can help you disconnect while on a flight or spending the day at crowded tourist destinations. Whether planning a road trip or a multi-country summer vacation, you’ll most likely have some downtime when you’re not out exploring the sights. Unless you own a Nintendo Switch, you probably won’t want to travel with a gaming console or PC, making mobile games the best choice when on the road. Keep reading to learn about the mobile games you should consider taking on your next trip. 

Casino Games

Does the idea of playing blackjack, baccarat, or spinning slots sound like a good time to you? If so, casino games are an excellent choice to take with you when traveling. All you need is your mobile device to access a variety of games on sites like Pokerstars Casino, including slots with titles like Reel Lucky King, Irish Riches, and Diamond Mine. These games offer hours of fun and entertainment online during your free time on the road. You can even download the app, making it easier to play wherever and whenever you want. 

Monument Valley

You don’t need an internet connection to play this game, making it an ideal choice if you’re traveling by plane. This puzzler features beautiful graphics and moreish gameplay that make it a lot of fun. The game combines many different elements, resulting in a simple yet immersive masterpiece. There’s no tutorial, so you have to figure out the game as you go. After a few minutes, you’ll understand its mechanics: if you tap somewhere, the game’s main character moves to that location. It’s a relaxing puzzle game that’ll keep you occupied for hours, making it an excellent choice for long flights. 


As one of the decade’s most popular games, Minecraft is a title you can have a lot of fun playing either with friends or on your own. While you can play Minecraft on a gaming console, it’s also available on Android and iOS, making it easy to take with you on the go. The game is all about building, mining, and surviving. You get to put your creativity to work as you build whatever you can imagine using the game’s 3D blocks. Minecraft has become so popular because it allows players to do almost anything they want in its open, virtual world. So, if you’re looking for a virtual escape, this game is worth playing. 

Game Dev Tycoon

Have you thought about starting your own gaming company? If so, you’ll love the simulation game, Game Dev Tycoon. You start the game in the 1980s as an independent game developer before branching out with your own gaming business. As CEO of this company, you’ll have to tackle everything from hardware development to piracy. There’s a lot to do in the game, including managing your employees and developing new gaming technology. Although it’s a mobile game, this simulation game is better to play in longer sessions instead of small chunks. 

80 Days

This game is about traveling, making it a perfect choice for playing on the road. The game has gorgeous graphics and is a mix of visual novel and Oregon Trail-style gameplay. It’s an interactive fiction game that requires quite a bit of reading, but it’s so well-written that it’s worth the adventure. The stories you uncover move the game forward as you venture around the world in 80 days. You start the game in London, with your first destination being Paris. While in France, you learn how the story works, and you can decide what you want to explore. 

As you play the game, your overarching goal is to uncover routes so you can continue your journey. You’ll have to keep your boss Phileas Fogg happy as you go about your travels. There are also several side adventures you can go on that take you away from the main story, so there’s plenty to occupy you during an extended vacation.

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