Top 7 Picturesque Cities to Visit in Southern Europe

Top 7 Picturesque Cities to Visit in Southern Europe

Southern Europe is every traveler’s dream. With gorgeous landscapes and warm weather, there is plenty to enjoy, and you won’t want to leave. So, before doing any planning, look through our suggestions of the top 7 picturesque cities to visit here! 

1. Naples, Italy

Easily accessible from the capital by train from Rome to Naples, this gorgeous city is one of the most picturesque places in all of Southern Europe. Try their own authentic Neapolitan pizza, converse with the friendly locals, and visit as many scenic places as possible! Naples is a true Italian gem, quite honestly fitting the image of whatever colorful panorama you imagine while thinking of Italy. 

2. Santorini, Greece

Most often a part of any Greece trip, Santorini is probably the most picturesque place in all of the Mediterranean coast. With clear turquoise waters, white housetops, and narrow streets designed in the perfect Greek manner, Santorini is a must-see. The island is ideal for solo trips and friend or family vacations, but since it is considered to be one of the most romantic places on Earth, try it as a couple’s retreat! 

3. Athens, Greece

While we are still in Greece, let’s take a look at Athens. Not only is it an incredibly charming city, but it also carries great historical background that should matter to all of us. The land of the Olympics, the womb of our civilization, and the beating heart of European culture – Athens are absolutely essential. Enjoy the ancient historical sites, mountainous terrain, and stunning nature. 

4. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Often relatively overlooked, Dubrovnik is actually the forgotten jewel of Southern Europe. Mainly overshadowed by its neighboring states, Croatia is the perfect place to go on a holiday. With incredible sights, the Adriatic Sea, and high city walls, Dubrovnik will capture your heart and make you love it. It is also less crowded than any of the other ones on our list, so you will have a calmer vacation! 

5. Genoa, Italy

Sure, Rome or Venice are very significant and wins as the most-visited places in Italy, but you forget about something much cuter, with way more charm and character. Genoa is the capital city of the Italian region of Liguria and is not as small as you might think! Coming in sixth size-wise, the Metropolitan City of Genoa is as picturesque as you might imagine a stereotypical Italian city to be!

Enjoy the sights of the Ligurian Sea, delicious cuisine, and quaint atmosphere! 

6. Florence, Italy

Well, after visiting Genoa, you simply cannot skip Florence. Its beauty is hard to describe, considering the Renaissance vibe of the whole city, the romantic buildings, and the entire artsy atmosphere. Undoubtedly the cultural capital of Italy and the whole of Europe, Florence is like a postcard you want to capture and take home! 

Whether you plan your tours and go on a lot of guided sightseeing, or if you aimlessly stroll around the streets looking for your next stop, Florence is enjoyable all the same. Just make sure you have a camera with you! 

7. Porto, Portugal

Lastly, let’s take a trip to Portugal! However, instead of visiting the loved and adored Lisbon, let’s skip that and head straight to Porto. The charming city, sharing the name basis with the country itself, Porto is known for its picturesque historic center and lively streets. Settled along the deep crease of the Douro River, it has its unique terrain and picture-worthy cityscape. 

Enjoy Southern Europe and these great seven gems. You can easily navigate through all of them during one trip, or you can spread it out a bit and focus on a single one or two. Whatever you do, keep your eyes wide open and maybe snap a few pics – it will make for a lovely postcard. Good luck! 

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