Top 5 Destination Of Nepal, Where You Feel Like Heaven

Looking for a place to visit during your vacation? You should visit Nepal and have the advantage of visiting these top 5 momentous tourist attractions.
Nepal is a gorgeous country, blessed with nature’s exclusive flora & fauna and amazing Hills & Himalayas. The country also is proud of momentous artistic attractions like monuments and temples that speak a lot more about the rich history and culture of the place.
Here is the record of 5 best destinations in Nepal

Mount Everest

This is the highest peak on the planet. It is also known as Sagarmatha or Chomolungma and has a height of 8848 meters. The first climb of the peak was done in the year 1953 by Edmund Hillary who was from New Zealand. The route of this mountain became famous and it’s now legendary. Peter Haeler and Reinhold Messner were the first people to reach the peak of this mountain without the aid of artificial oxygen. Most people visit this hill as it’s a major magnetism in Nepal.
As the country enjoy the pride of having the highest peak in the world. Get ready have fun by climbing on the highest peak, as Nepal owns eight highest range among ten range of the world including Mt. Everest.

Bhaktapur Square

This alluring destination is in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. This is a royal city located some 14 km outside the holy hollow of the valley, it is known as the museum of medieval art and architecture. There is an ancient sculpture of woodcarving and colossal pagoda temples consecrated to different gods and goddesses in this place.


Pokhara is another top attraction, a piece of heaven in the world, lies in Nepal. The place is popularly known as the gateway to the base camp Annapurna range, some stop at the foot of the Himalayas. Tourists can also enjoy hazards like trekking, kayaking and paragliding etc. The city is also famous for its three stunning lakes, Phewa Lake, with views of the snowy mountains of the Himalayas, the centre of all attraction in Pokhara. Davis fall is another most enthralling waterfall in a city which added the city’s charm. The city is the place to start rafting and trekking destinations.


This is one more gorgeous tourist spot in Nepal. It is found 32 kilometres east of Kathmandu. When you enter the city, you can have a great view of the various mountain peaks like the Mount Everest and the Himalaya Mountain peaks: Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, Langan, Choba Bhamre and the Gaurisankar. Most tourists visit this city to see the panorama of the main peaks in this country.


This is the best spot for the rock climbers. It is sited in the western Himalayas of Nepal. The highest peak which reaches 8,000 meters is known as the Annapurna Most of the professional climbers make this area their home because of the many series of peaks always covered with snow a sumptuousness that attracted tourists coming to this place.

Visit these amazing destination, You’ll get heaven of nature and peak Himalayas in the country. If you are an enthusiast for adventure, this is the right spot.

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