Top 10 Solo Travel Destinations for Women

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Without a shadow of a doubt, we believe that the position of a woman is wherever she wants to be. While there has been some progress in the fight for a world of racial equality, travel alone remains to be an act of courage. It is not difficult to find places where abuse of women is still quite common, which is intimidating female travellers to some degree (with good reason). 

A solo trip experience is one of it’s kind. Solo travel is often associated with a journey towards self-discovery. You meet new people from different parts of the globe and have a relaxing, hedonic experience no matter where you are. The universe is your oyster, but the challenge is, where are you looking to begin?

Although some places might be better than others, the planet may not be as daunting as some would think. With a positive mindset and being street smart, one can travel alone wherever they want. 

Here are ten solo travel destinations for women.

1. Thailand

Thailand, due to its floating markets, unparalleled beaches, and Khao Sok and Khao Yai National Parks, fell to the top overall for excitement and landscape. Moreover, the whole country is ready for young travellers during their first major tours. Thailand is known to be a relatively safe country for women. Hire a motorbike or trek in Sa Pa and get the adrenaline flowing as you speed across the rice paddies. Don’t forget to try the delicious street food if you’re a meat-lover. As it is a popular solo travel destination, it is easier to meet and connect with new people. 

2. New Zealand

A place of indefinable landscapes, New Zealand, or Middle Earth for the Lord of the Rings fans, is the dream location for those who enjoy adventure sports, beauty and tranquillity. This tiny country comprises of two major islands with a wide range of landscapes. Mostly on North Island, visitors can find pleasant beaches, volcanic eruptions, and picturesque lakes. Also, on South Island, the landscape is very dissimilar: snowy hills, ice, and an open ocean consisting of seals and whales.

According to a survey conducted by the Institute for Economics and Peace, New Zealand is stated to be the fourth safest country in the world to fly. Most sources suggest that New Zealand is the best country for women around the world! Hence, without a doubt, it is one of the safest places in the world for female solo travellers, and the safest places to prepare their bags.

3. Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka

This little coastal town on the east coast of Sri Lanka, which has almost little tourism as the growing south, is super quiet and chilly. This country is the ultimate hub for adventure sports; therefore, attracts many tourists all year round. It is an appealing solo trip destination for women because of the welcoming and friendly people. The country predominately follows Buddhism and holds immense respect for women. 

4. Belgium

Belgium is a real masterpiece, with many heritage landmarks, world-class infrastructure and several other tourist destinations. In Brussels, you can walk through the streets and admire the feudal architecture. When in Bruges, you can discover a landscape worthy of a stunning romance film.

Belgium levels tenth in the ranking of the top cities for women travelling alone in the International Women’s Travel Centre. Student exchange programs are widespread, making Belgium a prime destination for teenage women to meet other adventurers of their generation.

5. Italy

Remember how Julia Roberts lakes on the big spaghetti plate all by herself in Eat, Pray, Love? Well, that might be you. Except that somebody would let you dine on your own for a long time of course. It is indeed a culture so firmly based on generosity and hospitality that it is nearly impossible to spend your day without sharing at least a few delights with random people. Only another thing I do not love to fly alone is to eat alone and, interestingly, Italy is a place where people sometimes cannot bear to watch you enjoy a meal alone.

This Quintessential romantic place is relatively safe for women, and the people are known to be very hospitable.

6. Spain

Considering that Madrid was the very first city to legally forbid manspreading on mass transit, it is no secret that female travellers regard Spain highly for their women’s rights. Of course, there are several other reasons to visit the country: a thousand miles of Mediterranean coastline, countless paella delights, great architecture, and so the whole city of Barcelona. Also, do not turn up for dinner before 9 p.m., even when it is just you. Petty theft can be a problem in Spain, so be alert at all times. Rest assured, this country is a safe place for solo female travellers.

7. Annapurna Circuit, Nepal

Nepal is a phenomenal place to start with if you’ve never travelled alone before. A tourist is never subjected to unwanted hassles or attention. One can set out for the Annapurna Circuit, a 2-week hiking loop in Nepal alone and stay alone until you leave, and not have a hiking mate until you meet one of them on the bus ride in, pick up two more over the next few days near the top, and extend the party even further. After all, an activity like hiking tends to bring people together. 

8. Iceland

Iceland is truly deserving of its reputation, as 15 per cent of the total of the country’s surface is frosted. One can also go walking on the ice and explore the caves there. Iceland has no less than 20 active volcanoes. It gives its tourists some spectacular views between both the ice and the fire. Its capital, Reykjavík, is alluring with lots of attractions and a lively nightlife.

Iceland does have some of the lowest crime rates in the country and is currently ranked one in the Global Peace Index (GPI). Iceland has been one of the top sites for women on the lookout for women’s outdoor adventure.

9. Japan

When you are searching for hiking trails, UNESCO sites, or the finest meal you will ever eat, Japan checks all the boxes. So, it’s not shocking that it was the top spot for female solo travellers. Yeah, the language barrier can feel little more overwhelming before you even step off that flight. But, the country’s vast (and highly efficient) public transport network is easy to follow, and the low crime rate makes you feel relaxed exploring as much as you like.

10. Indonesia

Several of the safest ways to travel solo can be counter-intuitive, but, you can join a tour or a volunteering group, it gives you the freedom of a solo traveller, but also the protection of numbers.

Indonesia has no lack of volunteering opportunities to register for (some Gramm able beaches, mountains, rice paddies). Not just that, but locals are friendly, and top attractions like Bali are completely safe to explore. After all, the country has always been a must-visit for fearless travellers who are in pursuit of self-discovery and some great surfing.

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