Top 10 Adventure Sports Destination in India

Since times, youths have always been fond of adventures, risks, and sports. The evolution of the Olympic Games was also a part of similar crave of youths for adventure and to show their strength and vigour. However, apart from usual sports, today’s youth has found many ways to explore their strength and taste the adventure. One Such venture is Adventure Sports, where ordinary sports are played in extraordinary conditions that sometimes even involve risk of life. India has wide range of geographical features, from mountains to valleys which provide the perfect location for adventure sports. Here is a list of 10 such destinations, where you can enjoy some specific adventure sports and the rush of adrenaline in your veins!

Singalila Ridge, West Bengal – Mountain Biking

Singalila Ridge in the northwest of West Bengal has been a popular trekking destination for quite some time, but It has now become a popular destination for mountain biking and has one of the world’s most stunning bike treks. Over the years, Singalila has become a favourite destination for adventure enthusiasts. A huge crowd of biking enthusiasts gathers every year with one of the most advanced mountain bikes with them.

Siang Valley, Arunachal Pradesh – Trekking

Siang Valley is an exhilarating trek of 11 days in the mystique valley of Arunachal Pradesh, which is all about exploring and discovering the opulent nature of the state. Considered as a moderate trek, it is an affair of lush greeneries, narrow and enthralling passes, awe-inspiring terrains, challenging trails and lot more.

Subansiri, Arunachal Pradesh –  Water Rafting

It would be no exaggeration to say that Arunachal Pradesh has become the centre of many of the adventure sports activities of India. You can feel the thrill of gushing adrenaline through your veins by challenging the white waters of Subansiri rapids of Grade-I to Grade-IV and curate some of the spine-chilling adventurous moments of your life.

Goa- Paragliding and Acrobatics

Goa gives you the opportunity to fulfil your dream of flying, witness the magical beauty of the tepid beaches and azure waters like a bird! Be fearless and do acrobatics while soaring high in that sky blue sky over the deep blue sea. Thorough safety and other precautionary measures are taken care of by the professional pilots and instructors. The palm and coconut groves, the glistening waters and the gold like the sand of Goa looks like a beautifully painted canvas that will surely enlighten you from inside out.

The Andaman Islands, Andaman & Nicobar – Scuba Diving

Andaman is a kaleidoscope of colourful marine life and coral reefs. The sea is a pristine experience for divers with a lot of treasure to be explored. Due to less diver impact, you can discover an entirely new sea world here. However, as more people come to know about it, the Andaman Islands are playing host to an increasing number of scuba divers from around the world.

Aguada River, Goa – Kayaking

This Aguada River is the wonderful place to hit the water adventure that could take you deep into the ocean. Kayaking is a sport that would not provide you much adventure but will give you immense peace just by rowing and paddling in calm waters. You can enjoy Kayaking while exploring the beauty of the Goan shores where you can move freely using a paddle and explore the Natural Ecosystem of Goa in the mangroves, mudflats, backwaters, covers and mini bays.

Stok Kangri, Ladakh – Paragliding

If you are an avid adventure sports enthusiasts having the love for mountains and sky and have a good hands-on experience with these sports in past then Stok Kangri is the ideal destination for you to explore more of the sky and adventure. The trek up to Stok Kangri is considered to be one of the most challenging trek routes in India. The beautiful valleys and mountains covered with snow act like nectar for your eyes and soul while paragliding.

Manali, Himachal Pradesh – Zorbing and Paragliding

Manali is blessed with a high altitude and also open spaces; hence paragliding in Manali is a spine-tingling experience. Watching over the snow-clad hillocks and the multihued Solang valley while paragliding is once in a lifetime experience for people. Zorbing is a kind of sport where you Go bonkers sliding down the snowy slopes of mountains or hills. You just have to get into the huge PVC ball, strap yourself to safety and enjoy one exhilarating ride. Zorbing and Paragliding are two of the most trending adventure activities among the adventure junkies in Manali.

Leh & Ladakh – Bike Trek

If you are an ardent bike trek lover, then Leh could the only place which you would have been dreaming of since the day you began trekking. Characterised by extremely challenging roads, narrow passes, windy terrains and the joy of creating your own roads, such a bike trip offers a high dose of adrenaline to the bikers. The meandering boulevard of Leh is challenging and would surely pump up the daredevil within you. The trip will get you the chance to witness the miraculous beauty and immaculate culture of Sonmarg, Nubra, Pangong Tso, Kargil, and Srinagar.

Periyar National Park, Tamilnadu – Bamboo Rafting

Bamboo rafting demands a very basic level of fitness and hence most of you can opt for this enthralling activity even with family and children. If you want to witness the fascinating wildlife of Periyar National Park in their most natural habitats, you must go for bamboo rafting in the Periyar Lake. One can indulge in this activity anytime between early mornings to late afternoon and if lucky, can spot natural dwellers of the park coming down for water and prey.
If you are too fond of adventure sports and have acquired a little mastery and experience over it then you can try for some quite challenging places that are meant only for experienced. Heli-Skiing in Gulmarg and Hanuman Tibba, Chanderkheni Pass Trek, and Kinner Kailash Circuit Trek are few such examples of adventure sports which are meant to be explored only by experts.

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