The Checklist to avoid Summer Travel Scams

Travelling is fun but at the same time is expensive. This is the article for those who are planning to travel this summer. If what you are looking for is an escape from the geat and routine, travelling is the best option you have. Unfortunately, the travel industry has also fallen into the scamming industry zone. So, here we are going to discuss some key points following which you can avoid falling for scams while making the bookings for your trip.

Here is how you can be safe from scams while booking your travel trips 

Recently, quite a number of scams have been reported by the travel industry. Below is the checklist that one should go through before booking his or her trip to ensure that this isn’t a scam.
First – Always go with the trusted companies | It is a universal fact that one should always go with those companies that are renowned and are trusted among the people. Most often when people tend to go with the companies that are offering the cheaper rates, come out as frauds. So, whenever you are making travel bookings, always go with the trusted websites and companies or contact a hotel or resort directly if possible.
Quick tip – Even when you are making a booking from any website, contact the hotel you wish to stay in to confirm if the website is correct or not.
Second – Always look for reviews | Reviews section is added to a website for a reason. So, do check the better business bureau for consumer complains about the business before making the booking. Also, there are multiple online reviews of travel agencies, hotels, cruises etc that you can go through before taking the decision. Some of these websites are Trip Advisors, Yelp, Cruise Critic etc.
Third – Trust your instinct | When you are feeling something is goofy here, there is a good possibility it is. So, if you feel the situation is “too good to be true” that the probability of you being right is quite high. Trust us there is no such thing as a “free vacation”. All those that are offering you this are scammers.
Fourth – Beware of Fake Vacation  Homes | If you are among those who like to rent out a vacation home, you should be really careful. There have been many reports stating how people are claiming to be the property owners and ask for a wire transfer claiming to have property for rent. So, to be safe make sure that you check out reviews of the place prior to moving ahead with the payment.
These are some of the basic points that one should keep in mind before finalizing the travel bookings. If you have ever experienced a scam while making your travel plans. Do share your story. We would love to bring out some of these cases out in Public.

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