The Best Places To Travel To Next As Restrictions Ease

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We all have hope on the horizon, when it comes to where 2021 will take us, travelling-wise. And yes, travelling is all we have on our mind nowadays, since we have been restricted for pretty much a year, from travelling and doing what we wanted to do. Yet alas, with many of the world’s population being vaccinated, and airports slowly opening up again, it seems our travel bucket list will very much be able to commence within the next months to come. So, today will be all about us giving you some inspiration on what location deserves your next booking, after the chaos of a year we have had. Let’s face it, this next location needs to be extra special to make up for lost time, so if you are having trouble picking a spot-leave it to us, we will help you out!

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Kenya has always been looked upon with hopeful eyes, especially when it comes to entering a world that is vast and open for a country. Kenya is due to reopen its borders within the month of August, and while they have taken into account social distancing, alongside vigorous testing protocols, the beautiful region will fill any wanderlust seeker with excitement and anticipation.

Kenya has a little bit of everything for a region within Sub-Saharan Africa, if you are wanting luxury and exclusivity, Nairobi has many hotels and hotspots that will provide you the solitude or extravagance that you are seeking. Yet, many do come here to be one with nature, and this region of the world will provide you with everything nature has to offer. You can expect safari tours which will allow you to witness the great migration of wildebeest, who have travelled to and from the Serengeti Plains of Africa. This usually occurs during July and October, so the borders opening within August, means there is plenty of time to get the Great Migration in your schedule. Obviously, where there are wildebeests, there are lions. That is a fact. While you pace up in pursuit of the migration from your safari jeep, do not be surprised to see a family of lionesses that tail the wildebeests and their journey. 

Soaking up the sea and the sand can happen too here, and let us just say, it is serene! Diani beach, provides white sands, and rippled skies filled with colours that you can never imagine at sundown. Stretching a total of 11 miles, the coats of Kenya is the king of all beaches across Eastern Africa. With a cocktail or two, you can definitely call this spot as your home for a weekend or two, no?

Costa Rica 

Costa Rica until today, has actually had one of the lowest Covid rates within all of Latin America. The fatalities have not hit high records at all, and for that reason, many of the world look at Costa Rica and its regime as a successful one, when it comes to managing the pandemic within the region. Despite this however, Costa Rica actually only opens up in November, meaning you will need to wait a little before gearing up to go, unfortunately. Forbes have mentioned that despite the length it will take to open up the region, travellers can go there with huge confidence for their safety and well-being. 

Things that you can welcome on your to-do list here, include zip lining through the thick forest canopies of the region. There you can travel as the monkeys do, through the trees, without suffering any falls here and there. At 100 feet above the ground, you will be able to see all of the plant species from the heights of the treetops. Of course, you will be able to take advantage of the entire view, beyond the rainforest too, so if you plan to go with a group of friends, or a lover, this is the perfect spot to create some memories.

New Zealand 

We all know that New Zealand is one of the regions that suffered the least fatalities when it comes to corona, the reason being was the fast response of lockdown set by Jacinda Ardern during that period. The fast act by the prime minister was the reason the area became Covid-free soon after. Due to all of this, there are no doubts that people who travel here will feel extremely safe because of measures taken. Just make sure that you have a PCR test before entering the country, as New Zealand will obviously want to protect their country and maintain the Covid-free status they have up until now.

In terms of what you can do here, the list is endless. The first obvious adventure you can go on here, is the visit to Queenstown. Here is perfect for those that wish to try river rafting, hiking and other physical days out such as biking. If you are into something more extreme, you can always try bungee jumping between the valleys, which must be reached via a vigorous trek of course! However, if that all seems a little bit too vigorous, do not forget that you have alternative and relaxing opportunities to try too. You can go for wine tasting on Waiheke, with the valley views as your canvas to view while you taste, spa evenings with a lover is another option here and of course, some alfresco dining, to end your relaxing day. Who can say no to all of that? 

P.S if there are any Lord of the Rings enthusiasts here, do not forget to check out some of the guided tours around the Hobbiton movie set, within the location of Matamata. A majority of the movie scenes actually took place in New Zealand, due to the natural beauty and landscape here. So, it could be worth a visit and rekindle all those memories of the days of Middle Earth. 


Mexico actually opened their borders way back at the beginning of the year, to US based travellers. While it is important you go through safety procedures, such as PCR testing to and from the location, you will have multiple adventure opportunities here to explore. For example, if you want to cover more ground of Mexico, we would advise that you check out the El Chepe, which is one of the world’s largest railway journeys available. This train will take you through the Chihuahua, Los Mochis and through Northwest Mexico. In total, you will cover 405 miles of ground, and witness the beauty of the foothills of Sierra, the pine forests which are spread across the country, alongside the majestic rivers which flow across the region of Mexico. If you are not into renting a car, or taking long walks, this most definitely will be a great alternative for you. Just, do not forget to have your camera at the ready, and capture the Copper Canyon as you pass by!

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