Street Food in Bangalore: 20 Delicacies You Can’t Miss

Street Food in Bangalore

Bangalore’s street food is just as delicious as the regional and international cuisine served at five-star restaurants. The lack of sitting at these businesses is more than made up for by the deliciousness of the food prepared. For all your food explorers out there, here is a list of Bangalore’s must-try street foods and the best restaurants in Bangalore.

1. VV Puram, Thindi Beedi

One of Bangalore’s busiest food lanes is called Thandi Beedi. It only opens at night and offers delicious regional treats like the Gobi, curd Kodubale, Akki roti, and hyacinth beans from Avarekai. Other than Thandi Beedi, which means “eat street,” you won’t find this thing anyplace else.

2. Marathahalli Puchka’s

If you want to get the greatest street foods in Bangalore, you must stop by this famous plane puri booth. There is strict hygiene maintained here, so you won’t have to be concerned about becoming sick the next morning. Additionally, they provide more than just Puchkas; they also serve burgers and hot dogs.

3. Grill & Rolls by Khan Saheb, Indiranagar

Both vegetarians & meat lovers will find a wide variety of alternatives on the menu at Khan Saheb Grills & Rolls. Because of how great the food is, there are now 10 separate locations across the city. You’ll need to visit there a few times per month if you wish to try everything on the menu because the rolls are incredibly filling.

4. BBQ Ride, Whitefield

Two brothers who are so passionate about food that they chose to travel with this founded BBQ Ride. They provide a live grilling and BBQ service from a bike stationed throughout the city. Their seafood, grilled pineapple wedges, and hot dogs are sufficient evidence that they are no less than a fine-dining restaurant.

5. Malleshwaram’s Sri Sairam’s Chats and Juice Centre

It’s impossible to discuss Bangalore’s street foods without mentioning a fantastic chaat shop. It would be unjust to not mention the unique chaat varieties served here, including chip chaat, disco chaat, and of course the traditional varieties. Don’t forget to taste the unique handcrafted chocolates that they import from Ooty while you’re here.

6. Vasanth Nagar’s, Loafers Lane

one of Bangalore’s best food lanes, notably popular among Mount Carmel College students. Everything a foodie could want can be found here, including Mexican chaat, Bombay sandwiches, bite-sized cupcakes, and daily filling experiments at Puran Momos.

7. Koramangala’s Eat Street

Eat Street is just one of the finest fast-food outlets in the Koramangala neighbourhood. Visit this area for Chaat Street, the Malia Sandwich at DeliToons, and The Breakfast Truck for the greatest breakfast in Bangalore. You won’t find live music or karaoke nights in any other food lane, we’re sure, but this location also hosts both. 

8. Basavanagudi’s Hari’s Super Sandwich

You may understand how delicious and well-liked these sandwiches are given that they have five locations in Bangalore. Both sweet and tasty alternatives are available, as well as some nibbles like potato twisters. Try a few of the sandwiches on the menu, and when you’re satisfied, their chocolatey sandwich will ensure that you don’t skip dessert either.

9. Malleshwaram’s Veena Stores

Visit Veena Stores if you’d like to try some local cuisine in Bangalore. You may taste some of the greatest idly Vada, Bisibele bath, Khara bath, and many more dishes here. Although it appears to be simply another departmental shop, they assure you that it is much more than that.

10. Basavanagudi’s Brahmins Coffee Bar

The menu at this restaurant isn’t lengthy, but what they do provide is more than sufficient for the regulars. Crispy Vada’s and simple yet fresh Idlis are favourites here. The time has come for caffeine enthusiasts to sip their superb filter coffee.

11. Banashankari, Chatar Patar

On their menu, Chatar Patar offers some incredible bhel and chaat selections. Sabudana Khichdi is one of the healthier alternatives available to those who are watching their diet. Try their famous Gapagap, which is a pain puri with just a blackcurrant filling, if you’re feeling daring and adventurous. That sounds strange, I agree.

12. HSR Layout, Food Street

Come on, this is the height of obviousness. The greatest location for non-vegetarian foodies is on this food lane in Bangalore’s HSR Layout. Get ready to stuff your face with grilled chicken, chicken fries, and the unique Donne biryani cooked with an undisclosed masala. even if it means skipping breakfast the day before.

13. Bhel House Bhel Puri, Karnataka

Since 1975, this Bazaar Street location has been a destination for street cuisine. People rush here to try the countless chat options, including, of course, their trademark dish, bhel. You won’t even want the Marathi variety of bhel after trying the version from Karnataka.

14. Jeevanbheema Nagar, Spicy Corner

You said Desi Chinese, right? Since we heard you. The Chinese, Indians, and, of course, chillies are the focus of Spicy Corner. They suggest the cult favourite Gobhi Chillies, which your taste buds and you will both remember for a very long time.

15. Fanoos, Fraser Town

This restaurant makes excellent Shawarmas and Seekh Kebabs. The crowds have only become larger over time, forcing them to move from a tiny stall to a broad area. Bring your pals for a Fun-oos adventure.

16. Margosa Road’s Central Tiffin Room

Among the locals, Central Tiffin is a well-known name. No other establishment makes the most popular South Indian foods, such as Masala Dosa, Vadas, and Kesari Bath, as well as they do. Despite having changed their name to Sri Sagar, they are still better recognized by their previous title. After all, it’s a brand, not simply a name.

17. Indiranagar’s Dadar Vada Pav

Bangalore is the perfect place to sample the popular street cuisine from Mumbai. In addition to the standard version, they also offer paneer & Schezwan Vada Pav, which are both innovative. Every item is quite reasonably priced and comes with a fry’s side as well. Here at Indiranagar, you may get Dadar’s Vada Pav.

18. Mosque Road, Fraser Town

One of Bangalore’s best eating lanes, Mosque Road is well-known for its delectable non-vegetarian food. Try the Haleem, Biryani, Seekh Kebab, and Mutton Keema while you’re here. Don’t forget to try the various sweets as well.

19. Chetty’s Corner, west of Kumara Park

This location will be your favourite if you enjoy variety. The foodies of Bangalore were first introduced to Twistato (twisted potato) at this location. Not only that, but their famed Masala Coke beverage and other innovative foods are the ultimate examples of “East meets West.”

20. Kammanahalli’s Al Amanah Café

This place specializes in huge rolls that will keep you full for the rest of the day. Even if there may not be a seat available, the rolls are worth standing for. 

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