16 Realistic packing hacks everyone needs to know!

packing hacks

Be it a small weekend getaway or a 15 days trip to a different country, we always tend to pack too many things. I mean according to us, we think that we need it all. Trust me, I’ve been there. After all, not everyone is a Type-A person. So, here I’ll be sharing 16 genius packing hacks that I’ve learned over many years, because who likes to pay for extra baggage anyway?

These tips help me fit it in everything I need in my suitcase and at the same time, have more room to shop. 

Let’s have a look!

1. Plan your outfits in advance.

Carry the kind off top wears which can be easily paired up with your basic bottom wears. This way you can mix-match and wear different outfits and save space. Don’t go for colourful bottom wears and stick to blacks, blues or other neutral colours. I usually carry my favourite pair of jeans and shorts and just different tops to go with them. A genius packing hack would be to add a variety of accessories to style your outfit instead of clothing. Go for sling bags, sunglasses, junk jewellery, scarves etc.

2. Roll, don’t fold!

Roll your t-shirts instead of folding them. This genius packing hack saves up a lot more space. A lot of people think that it will cause your t-shirts to get wrinkled, but it’s not true. Seriously, try it for yourself! Also, always remember to roll your jeans after folding them inside out.

3. Belts to keep the collars of your shirt crisp

Roll your belt and put it inside the collars of your folded shirt. This will make sure that the collars remain crisp and nice and you’ll end up saving more space as well.

4. Wear your heaviest shoes and clothes on the plane.

If your shoes or your jackets are the heaviest, prefer wearing them on the plane to save up extra space in the luggage. This is also a great packing hacking for the ones who have always wanted to pull off a cool ‘airport look’. Just kidding!

5. Shower caps to protect your footwear

Place a shower cap to cover the sole of your footwear before keeping it in your luggage. This will protect your other items from getting dirty, as well as take up no extra space of carrying an extra shoe bag. 

6. Utilise the shoe space!

You can use the space inside your shoes by putting your perfume bottle inside it. This will prevent it from breaking and give you more space! You can also stuff your shoes with socks or other small items which usually take up unnecessary space otherwise.

7. Also your sunglass case 

You can use your sunglass case to store your phone charger, earphones and other wires so that they don’t get tangled, remain secured in one place, and are easier to find.

Alternatively, you can put your earrings, neckpieces or other jewellery in them as sunglass cases are compact and also prevent your items from getting damaged.

8. The “fragile” tag makes no difference.

Busted! There has been a myth going around that using the fragile sticker ensures you that your luggage gets in first or is handled more carefully. However, it doesn’t always happen like that. Almost everyone tends to use fragile tags on their bags even if they are not (It’s obvious, isn’t it?). So, the best packing hack is to safely bubble wrap any glass items or other essential items that you have a chance of getting damaged.

9. Hide your valuables

While you’re going to the beach or the pool, or even if you’re staying at a hostel it’s not possible to keep an eye at your belongings every time. This packing hack will make sure that your money is always kept safely so that you can have some peace of mind and enjoy the waves.

You can use this hack to keep any of your valuables such as your keys, cash or credit cards. Store these essentials in an old sunscreen, shampoo bottle or similar containers so no one can suspect where the cash could be.

You can also keep them in the hidden pockets of your clothing items kept inside the luggage.

10. Minimalism!

This next packing hack will make your trip super easy breezy. Instead of carrying a whole shampoo bottle, buy sachets of the shampoo you like. Go for travel-sized perfumes, face washes, body washes, body lotions, toothpaste, etc. This will ensure you have the right amount of quantity that can last you throughout your trip and also will take up minimal space!

If it’s hard to find the travel-sized products of the brands, you use, buy a small travel kit from Miniso and transfer the required amounts of the same in those tiny bottles.

Alternatively, you can also purchase Biotique’s travel kit range which includes a body wash, lotion, shampoo and a conditioner.

11. Carry multipurpose makeup products 

You don’t necessarily need to carry a whole lot of makeup products with you. Carrying multipurpose make-up products is easily one of the smartest packing hacks. To save space, carry a pink lipstick that can also be used as a blush and an eyeshadow or a tube of BB cream instead of the big foundation bottles. 

I recommend you these tried and tested multi-purpose makeup products that you can carry on your next trip.

Nykaa’s Get-Set-Click SPF in compact 

Maybelline Master contour pallette (Contour, blush and highlight)

Ponds BB cream 

Kay Beauty multi-purpose crayons

12. Let those natural locks show

One of the most important packing hacks would be to cut down on any sorts of heat styling tools. They take up to much space and weight of your baggage unnecessarily. So leave those hair tools at home!

Instead, invest in good hair serums to make your hair more manageable.

I recommend you to go for the Matrix Biolage Smoothproof serum (INR 295)

Pro tip: If you want naturally wavy hair/less frizzy hair, tie up two braids every night before you go to bed and the morning you’ll be left with beautifully tamed locks.

13. Carry ziplock bags

This is an essential packing hack to make sure that you have something to carry your wet or dirty laundry, especially if you’re going for a beach trip. Ziplock bags can also be handy to protect your electronics from getting wet.

14. Cling wrap the liquid bottles

To prevent your lotion and shampoo bottles from opening and spilling all over your luggage, (trust me you don’t want to go through this) place a small piece of cling wrap between the bottle and the cap. This will avoid any kinds of leakage.

15. The heavy things go at the bottom

Keep all the heavy items near the wheels and even angle things to stay straight and not upside down. This packing hack will make sure that all the weight is at the bottom and hence it’ll be easy for you to carry them around at the airport.

16. Ditch heavy books and magazines

Instead of carrying heavy books, go digital!

Apps like AnyBooks and Amazon Kindle have all the books you’ll ever need and at a very minimum cost. You can even listen to audiobooks on Audible which also offers 14 day free trials. 

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