Naturally Gorgeous and Captivatingly Serene: The Munnar Hill Station

If wide skies, picturesque landscapes, and quiet lakes are your cups of tea, then the Munnar hill station is made to perfection for you! Seated in the sea-facing state of Kerala, this world-famous destination is home to romantic lovers, amateur painters and solo travellers looking for peaceful isolation. The refreshing breeze, green mountains, and additive fascinating tea plantations are reasons enough for tourists to keep visiting this haven, however, the following are some more places that should feature in your Munnar vacation:

Sipping Tea at Tata Tea Museum

Tata Tea Museum

Are you a tea addict? Kerala is the source of some of India’s finest tea. So, any trip to Munnar is incomplete without a paying regard to its tea plantation heritage. So, it is must to visit the Tata Tea Museum, where you may find the most fitting tools to take a walk-in history with a hot cup of tea. Just pay the menial admission fee and sip away your leisure time.

Riding the Waves at Blossom Park

Water Sport at Blossom Park

Situated by the Pallivasal hydro-electric project, Blossom Park is your respite for water sports. Thanks to the growing tourist interests, a number of fun sports have opened up in the place, like cycling, boating, roller skating, hammocks and meditation caves. In case you are looking for a wet day off with added thrill, your footsteps must be directed to the activity spots of this Park.

Driving Through Attukal Waterfalls

The breathtaking Attukal Waterfalls

Keep your meeting with the brimming waters of Attukal waterfalls for your transit between Munnar and Pallivasal. This place is surrounded with some of Kerala’s most beautiful hills and jungles, that ensure a perfect natural getaway experience. Save your feet from the potholes as drive through its narrow bridge to reach the ultimate viewpoint position. Don’t forget to celebrate your climb with a tasty tea by the waterfall’s feet.

Breathe in the Clouds at Top Station

Eravikulam National Park

Cure your fear of heights before you decide to visit Munnar’s Top Station. This little hilltop rising more than forty kilometres above the ground brings you the exceptional opportunity of seeing through the clouds at Munnar’s beauty. If not for the sight, choose to visit this place for the journey that precedes it. You will pass through a number of tea plantations, tea gardens, and dams as you climb up for the Top Station. Do carry your raincoats and umbrellas for any uncalled-for showers!

Meet Wild Life in Action at Eravikulam National Park

Meet Wild Life in Action at Eravikulam National Park

Formed to act as a home for the endangered Nilgiri tahr, this natural habitat is the only place where you can appreciate India’s exotic mountain goat from a closer distance. But, do not forget to check the park rules and timings before you land on its ticket counter.

Appreciating Simplicity at Marayoor Dolmens

The Ancient Dolmens

If Munnar sleeps in the lap of nature, then its Marayoor district seems to be nurtured by nature’s bounty. Embellished with numerous waterfalls, rivers, rocky hills, bamboo forests, cave temples and paintings, this place is your one essential stop for learning about Kerala. Wait long enough and you might even witness the sought after blossoming of Neelakurinji at Marayoor.

Standing in Place with Pi at the Church

The churce scene from Life of Pi

Remember the interesting scene in Life of Pi where he runs to a Church in search of religion? Well, then this seemingly common Church must give you a cinematic déjà vu. Stand in the place of Pi and reimagine the movie from your perspective. Avoid Sundays for making a visit, since the Church is not empty on that day.
Munnar’s tourist destinations are a sight for sore eyes. When life becomes too toiling and testing, a short but memorable trip to Munnar’s natural avenues is enough to rejuvenate anybody’s spirits. So, no matter what your excuse or expectation is, pick up your friends or family and travel to this untouched land for redefining life as you see it.

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