Must-See Islands in Thailand

Thailand is a Southeast Asian country that offers both residents and tourists’ exceptional views, starting with tropical beaches. Other than the beaches, some of the other fascinating things that you will encounter when you visit this country are; royal palaces, prehistoric ruins, magnificent prayer places with displays of Buddha, among other things. The capital city is the primary stopover for most people who are visiting. You should go out of town to experience the most that this country has to offer.

 Transit to other regions is not a big challenge, and it is not pricey either. For instance, from Bangkok to Pattaya by bus will cost you six dollars while the expensive means, which is a car, costing forty dollars. For a tourist country, these rates are affordable and accommodate people of all budget types to see the other places outside town. 

If you are planning a trip to Thailand, you should be privy to information about the many islands there and pick those you are interested in. This move is necessary since you will need to plan on transportation and accommodation. The beauty with islands in Thailand is that they are not all lined with luxury resorts; some offer an authentic feel to the culture of the local communities making the experience worthwhile. The three islands reviewed herein are some of the many that you can visit in this country. 

Must-See Islands in Thailand

1. Phuket

This is the largest island in Thailand and has an assortment of activities to offer anyone visiting the region. The prices in Phuket are higher than in other islands, but if you are after diversity and immense fun, then you can overlook the financial implications. Value for your money is guaranteed since this island offers you the most, from culture to beaches and finger-licking cuisines. 

There are a decent number of beaches in this region. They include; Kata, Surin, and Kata Noi beaches, just to mention those that come highly recommended. There are over 30 beaches to choose from when you visit Phuket. These beaches offer you a chance to swim, sunbathe, snorkel, Jet Ski, surf, and go for out for boat rides, among many other activities. 

The cultural background of this island is evident through the many spots spread out in the area. Some of the noteworthy ones that you ought to have on your list when visiting this region are; Wat Chalong, Jui Tui shrine, Big Buddha, and the old town. 

Regarding entertainment, anyone who visits Phuket is spoilt for choice. The night scene is vibrant, with different types of bars to cater to the needs of everyone. Night markets, cabaret shows, and Muay Thai matches are among the other activities that one can take part in at night. 

2. Koh Similan

Koh Similan is one of the many islands that come together to be referred to as the Similan islands, which are located in the Andaman sea. If time and other resources are on your side, you could visit more than one island in this area. This island is the largest in the area and offers an assortment of fun laden activities for visitors and locals to enjoy. 

The rock formation and deep waters in this island are among the many things that will wow you. If you are a diving or snorkeling lover, this is the ideal spot for you to enjoy your sport. The clear deep waters in the region have been rated to be among the best for diving in Thailand, and some reviews indicate that it may be among the best in the world as well. Bird and sunset watching are among other things that you can do when here. 

3. Koh Phangan 

Young travelers have an ideal island filled with full moon parties and epicurean ambiances that offer the most, hence the name party island. Although the party life is the selling point for Koh Phangan, you are not limited to other activities that you can take part in. 

Quiet and relaxed beaches are available alongside a host of water activities that you can enjoy. Scuba diving, boat trips, and snorkeling are among those that you can relish at the Challenge Phangan water park. Additionally, Koh Phangan prides itself on breathtaking nature, such as waterfalls, hiking trails, and viewpoints, among others. 

Final Thoughts 

All the islands offer full tasty Thai cuisines that you must try out. If you fall in love with any of them, ask for the recipe and replicate it when you get back home.  

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