Most Romantic Places in Europe

When your wedding is over, or if you anniversary is coming up, all you want to do is run off into a dream where you can relax in the sun, or cruise along the river, eating at friendly local food stalls and smell the sweetness of tranquility in the air. The most romantic places in Europe in its full glory are the ideal destinations for most people because Europe is so versatile yet comfortably familiar.

Here are the most romantic places in Europe to win you some major credit:


Amsterdam cannot compare to most romantic places in Europe. The Dutch capital is one of Europe’s best preserved cities with 7,000 buildings dating from the 18th century, 60 miles of canals and world-famous Amsterdam museums. From the world-class art in the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum to P.C. Hooftstraat, the shopping street where you can find plenty of cutting-edge designs have become a source of pride in Amsterdam and the Netherlands.

Colorful and quirky the old-world city is lined with 18th century building and canal cruises are a popular way to see this city. The constant sight of bicycles whizzing by offers a key to the city’s character, and there are numerous bike paths. 

Aside from cycling with your soulmate, rent a houseboat and soak up the authenticity from the canals themselves, and kiss your loved one away! 

For some food tips, look out for: 

  • Poffertjes: Little Dutch pancakes. Look for touristic bakeries and get extra powdered sugar!
  • Kasteeltjes: These little cakes are filled with marzipan. They’re not easy to find, but are sold at Albert Heijn. 
  • Tony’s Chocolonely: This addictive chocolate like the caramel sea salt bar (Karamel Zeezalt) is the orange flavour also found at Albert Heijn.
  • Haring: Haring is a type of fish that many people eat raw or on a sandwich. 
  • Dutch Pancakes: They’re flatter than American pancakes, but delicious. Easy to find.
  • Stroopwafels: These classic Dutch desserts can be picked  up at Albert Heijn for under 2 euros.
  • Bitterballen: These fried balls filled with beef are a Dutch bar classic served with mustard.
  • Croquettes:  These fried Dutch snacks are filled with meat and flavors. Sate filled croquettes (vegetarian) are popular. 
  • Van Stapele cookies: These chocolate delicious cookies are made fresh to order at their namesake shop.
  • Cheese: Try extra young Boeren (typical Dutch farmer cheese) and Gouda. 
  • Oliebollen: These tasty fried dough balls are only offered around New Years. 
  • Indonesian food: Try Sari Citra & Eethuis Pondok Indah. They specialize in Indonesian food from their home regions. 

Valletta, Malta

Valletta is possibly the smallest city in Europe but don’t be fooled because even though it is small, it is also really gorgeous and as well as romantic.

Plus, there are tons of places to see in Malta, and since the whole island is tiny, more places for you and your partner to explore!

Malta is a really small island and country but there are also other things to explore like some of its numerous castles and as well beautiful places you can visit for a day from Valletta or other cities in Malta.


The Czech Republic offers honeymooners historic sites, shopping, scenic tours and 12 UNESCO cultural heritage sites. 

Prague has quickly become one of the most romantic places in Europe. Hustling and bustling with tourists from around the globe, it’s still a city of romance for its inevitable charm. The architecture alone provides that. Visit in winter for a less-crowded experience and enjoy the muddled wine and Christmas charm.

Begin your visit in Prague, the capital city, which you can easily get to by air, train or car. Cross the famous Charles Bridge, have a romantic dinner with a view of the river, visit museums, theaters and galleries. Afterwards, drive to Ceský Krumlov Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage site, about two and a half hours south of Prague.


The Austrian capital is bursting with charm at every turn. Visualize imperial architecture, horse carriages, velvety nights at the opera and day trips to royal residences. Stumble upon elegant coffee houses, admire the architecture, and inhale the rich culture of Vienna in Austria as it makes you of its bewitching beauty.

There are tons of things in Vienna for couples who like visiting the famous imperial palaces and fascinating museums but also the fact that Vienna serves as home to some of the world’s most acclaimed artists during the Romantic era – Beethoven and Mozart to name a few! Another tip, come to Vienna around Christmas time, it transforms into a magical place .


A list of the most romantic places in Europe would be incomplete without the city of love! Second only to Amsterdam (a more quaint, charming, personal city of romance), Paris is still one of the unbeatable cities to visit with your significant other. 

France is a diverse destination with beautiful honeymoon spots, like beaches in the south, famous attractions in Paris, the island of Corsica and the Loire Valley. But in Paris you check into a five star hotel with a view of the Eiffel Tower or visit famous museums and dine at gourmet restaurants eating some of the world’s most coveted French dishes.

Explore the wine country, hike in the Alps and check into a romantic hotel on the French Riviera.Be sure to pop a bottle of champagne under the Eiffel tower and indulge in some French cheese – bliss!


With so many luxury hotels in Budapest, this is Europe’s most underrated cities and quickly becoming a new European favourite. 

Plus, there are tons of things in beautiful Hungarian city more than you possibly think.

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The architecture, the vibes of the city, and as well the vast varieties of affordable restaurants makes this the most romantic places in Europe all the while being affordable! How great is that!


No list encapsulating romance in Europe would be complete without mention of the city of Venice. Although nowadays overrun by mass tourism, the city is still a favourite for loved up couples, and it’s not hard to see why.

Get lost in the small island of Venice with your partner and stumble upon something unexpected while walking on the cobblestone streets of this romantic destination in Europe. Take a couples ride on a gondola and cruise along the small canals of this famous romantic destination!

Venice is the perfect spot for your next romantic weekend breaks in Europe because it is small enough for you to see the top spots in the city, hand in hand. 


Stunning lakes, valleys, a fantastic hiking and skiing spot, Slovenia is a treasure. 

One of the first things you notice is that people are genuinely friendly and excited to share their stories with travelers. 

Like every romantic fairytale, historic castles and the local cuisine will make your vacation in Slovenia full of fun adventures. The capital city of Ljubljana is the best place to start your trip. Summer days mean outdoor music concerts, cafes next to the river, and scenic views from the castle above the city. For cooler winter months, the historic city center comes alive with holiday decorations, music and unique open-air shops!

Ljubljana, the Slovenian capital doesn’t get nearly as much credit as it deserves. Often overlooked in favour of nearby Bled (which is indeed stunning), Ljubljana has an out-of-this-world charm! 

Bled is also one of the most romantic places in Europe, surrounded by picturesque mountain and lake views. There are several great hotels which offer rooms and suites with a view of the lake, perfect for honeymooners. Slovenian wellness centers are excellent and built around natural hot springs. Couples can enter spa resort for a few days and enjoy relaxing massages or swimming in pools! 

Just outside of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, you’ll already stumble upon some of the country’s best-kept jewels such as the Lake Bled, and these are just a few kilometers from the capital!


Favoured by many as the crowning jewel of romance in Europe – we think we’ve saved the best ’til last! For the most enjoyable experience, head to Greece just outside of peak season for more favourable rates and less crowds.

How great is it that there’s a lot of romantic weekend getaways in Europe you can visit and each one is unique and beautiful on its own. The things to do in Santorini is indeed one of the famous European destinations a lot of tourists travel for, either as a couple or just a passing traveler.

Nevertheless, the breathtaking view you’ll witness surely will make your hearts weep of happiness from its beauty. Not to mention, there’s a lot of luxury hotels in the city that offers affordable romantic packages for you and your partner.


Often mistaken for being the Swiss capital (a title which instead goes to Bern), Zurich is perhaps the most loved city in all of Switzerland. 


Florence (or Firenze) is one of Italy’s most loved cities. With the tuscan sun, melting gelato and your loved one by your side – you can ‘t go wrong. The only drama you’ll have in Florence is trying not to cheat on your partner and fall in love with the city itself. Or the food… oh the food!


Cozying up by the outdoor fire and enjoy a muddled wine or rich hot chocolate sound like heaven to you? Head to Copenhagen, one of the most romantic places in Europe. 

Granada, Spain

Looking for the sunshine and an edgy getaway in Europe? Well, we welcome you to Granada, a place where people dance, eat, and enjoy your honeymoon or ann to the fullest.

The city is hip and youthful that you’ll feel alive while dancing your night away with classic Spanish wine on the one hand and your partner on the other.


Barcelona is Spain’s most popular tourist destination! Drawn crowds by the thousands for its unique charm, fantastic architecture, interesting history, unforgettable sunsets and out-of-this-world food …this place is guaranteed to romance you!

Crete, Greece

On the largest Greek island, what can go wrong during your romantic holiday while in Crete? You have the beach, the beautiful scenery, good food, good wine, and of course, the friendly locals who can assist you during your stay. Nothing can go wrong, here, pack up asap.

Porto, Portugal

Portugal is home to sunny beaches, beautiful cities, romantic castles and vineyards producing some of the best wine in the world. It’s fully worthy of being called one of the most romantic places in Europe. 

Lisbon is the country’s capital city and the best place to start your honeymoon, featuring historic landmarks, warm weather, great shops and friendly locals. Afterwards, head to the nearby Sintra where you can see the famous Pena’s Palace and other grand castles. 

Porto, on the other hand, is located in northern Portugal. Porto is the birth city of the fantastic Port Wine and while you sip that get cozy and watch the vibrant coastal city. Listen to live music, enjoy ocean views and the beautiful seashore during sunset. 

The mood is so romantic. 

The historic center of Porto is also a UNESCO World Heritage site and the perfect place for a romantic stroll. For a little extra quick trip, some of the best beaches and the most dramatic coastal scenery in Europe head to the Algarve region in the south.

Tuscany, Italy

Watch the movie Under The Tuscan Sun, and you’ll know why this is a must include it in this list. Not only is it a vibrant city or town, but its nature will impress you with its beauty.

Bruges, Belgium

Perfect for a weekend getaway in Europe or quick city breaks for couples, Bruges is where you’ll get the sweetest finds – the Belgian waffles, quality chocolates, and of course, the city itself is gorgeous. Just a short ride from Brussels, you’ll be transported to a place you’ll never forget.

Not to mention, if you’re looking for the best vacations for couples, Belgium, in general, is a great choice as it is close to everything. For instance, it takes only a few hours to get to Paris and to Amsterdam by train!

After the physical toll of a wedding, most couples just want to sit down (maybe on a boat ride watching the city go by). The most romantic places in Europe will definitely provide much needed quiet time for you two to bond. Hopefully, we’ve broken down the difficult task of picking a place. Now all you need to do is figure out the best activities to do in the month that you’re traveling in, and ofcourse the food to eat!

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