Looking for a Travel Trailer? Here Is What You Need to Know

Travel Trailer

The travel trailer is the most prevalent kind of non-motorized leisure vehicle. A travel trailer may range in size from a jellybean-shaped structure with a chuckwagon kitchen to a house-on-wheels with picture windows and a sliding glass patio door. Travel trailers such as Rockwood 2205 are available in a broad range of designs and sizes. Some mobile homes have bathroom facilities.

One element that has contributed to the growth in popularity of these types of accommodations is the ability to park a travel trailer at a campground, unhook it from the car that is towing it, and then leave your lodging behind to go sightseeing in the local region. It is not required to employ a different form of transportation at this time.

The Main Features

Your time spent traveling in an RV would be considerably more joyful if you had the financial means to invest in a couple of the most important modern amenities. If you are in the market for a new travel trailer, the following features, conveniences, and pieces of equipment are worth taking into consideration since they will make the time you spend camping that much more enjoyable.

Aluminum Build

Because of its low weight in conjunction with its high strength and long-lasting nature, aluminum is an excellent material option for the building of your travel trailer.


The entry to your travel trailer will be a few feet from the ground, so steps are required. Most travel trailers have steps, although they aren’t necessarily appropriate for the trailer’s inhabitants. The regular staircase, for example, will be difficult for small children and dogs.

Outdoor Shower

An outdoor trailer is a terrific option to consider if you want to keep the inside of your trailer clean. You may use it to wash your muddy boots, as well as your children, clothing, and pets; you can even wash your dishes with it.

If your travel trailer is on the smaller side, installing an indoor shower may eat up a lot of valuable square footage. The most obvious choice would be to install an outdoor shower. However, you will need to ensure that it is properly installed and operational.

Fully Furnished Kitchen

Most travel trailer kitchens have cooking equipment (oven, stove, or microwave), a sink, and a refrigerator. The size of an RV kitchen and its equipment will grow in tandem with the size of the travel trailer.

The stove is normally powered by gas, whereas the refrigerator is powered by both gas and electricity. The mechanism in many new RVs will automatically swap back and forth. Microwaves will need to be plugged in or powered by your generator.

Solar Panel

When you buy a travel trailer, you may discover that you have two choices for solar panels. Some trailers are solar-ready, which means they include an outside terminal that may be used to add a portable solar system in the future.

Installed solar, on the other hand, denotes that the trailer’s manufacturer has included a preinstalled panel and controller. You no longer need to run cables through the ceiling to connect to the controller and, subsequently, to the batteries.


Beds are important to think about because you will spend a lot of time sleeping while RVing.

A travel trailer or motorhome will often have at least one standard-type bed as a sleeping area. It will not fold or turn into anything else.

Power Tongue Jack

An electric tongue jack eliminates the need for RV owners to use a hand crank while hitching and unhitching.

Many RV manufacturers provide motorized tongue jacks as standard features on camper trailers, but they may also be fitted aftermarket. Because the jack is adjacent to the battery box, connecting them is simple.

If your battery is running low, do not remove the manual hand crank. You may still need it. It will also be useful if the power tongue jack fails for some reason.

Power Stabilizing Jacks

Another feature that will spare the RV owner’s arms is power stabilizing jacks. Some have a single button that releases all the jacks, while others have a switch on each corner that lets you manually release each jack.

Thermal Insulation

Thermal insulation is essential if you want to use your travel trailer when the weather cools. Not only will it keep you warm, but it will also prevent heat loss and save your heating costs.

Toilet and Bath

The size of your trailer determines the scope of its toilet facilities. Many of the smaller trailers will lack them entirely. The next step forward would be a wet bath, which is a tiny, sealed-off chamber where you may shower and use the toilet at the same time. A wet bath is convenient since it takes up minimal room. On the negative, everything in the room becomes wet, and it seems confined.

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