How to Write a Travel Article for a Magazine

how to write a travel article

Almost everybody likes to journey to other places for new experiences, challenges, and impressions. Many people get so excited about their traveling experience that they decide to share their impressions with others. They become travel writers and manage to enjoy great success.

This activity helps to earn good money as well. One of the best ways to enrich the income is to write for popular highly reputed magazines. They are famous and have many readers. It’s an excellent opportunity to earn money and recognition. Oftentimes, beginners in travel writing earn the recognition of others via magazines. Afterward, they can establish their own travel blogs because they already have an army of devoted followers. The experts of have prepared for you a special guide. It explains how to write outstanding travel articles to get approved by all highly reputed magazines.

Know the Magazine

As you are going to write for a concrete magazine, make sure you know it properly. It should be the research, which is similar to the ones done by students when they write scientifically-based assignments. Check:

  • Reputation;
  • Conversion;
  • Number of readers;
  • Pricing;
  • Employment guarantees;
  • Other conditions.

Make sure you likewise read articles posted in the chosen magazine, especially related to your theme. It will help to receive a good comprehension of what style of writing is required by the magazine. Adapt to stylistic conditions and you’ll automatically enhance your chances to be approved by the magazine.

Read Before You Start

If you’re a beginner, don’t try to post your travel story at once. You should obtain the necessary experience. Of course, the best method of managing that task is to read the stories of other authors. Start following the most famous travel writers, as well as travel magazines. It will help to follow the current traveling and writing trends. Take smart notes and try to mimic the trends. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t entirely copy somebody. Develop your unique style so that your readers could recognize you instantly.

Include Photos

One of the compulsory demands of successful storytelling is to make every article vivid and captivating. It can be done in different ways. Commonly, writers try to use uncommon words and phrases, add citations, use unique language, etc. Travel writing differs from most pieces of writing and provides you with an opportunity of adding photographs.

When you travel, you definitely take some photos of the most marvelous and special places. You can add those photos to the travel stories. Simply buy a good camera to get photos in a high resolution. Otherwise, no magazine would like to accept them. When a travel writer adds descriptions and photos, it surely makes every story livelier. Don’t waste that opportunity.

Keep It Reasonably Long

Every writer should keep an eye on the length of his/her post. You have probably heard that the length of good articles is supposed to be about 2,000 words long. However, you should understand that this measure cannot be applied to all types of articles.

When you describe a trip, your readers may get bored by too many details about the culture, traditions, local sightseeing, etc. Highlight the most important things and never cross the line of 2,000 words. It’s even better to make your stories shorter.

Create a Portfolio

It’s important to have a portfolio.  It will tell everyone about your presence in the industry. Create it on LinkedIn and similar platforms. Send it to all the famous magazines and wait for your chance. Of course, your portfolio must be rich, vivid, and original to have the chance. Thus, you’ll steadily grow your network. You’ll find partners, followers, employers, etc.

Add Dialogues

It may sound weird enough, but your travel articles should include short dialogues. These should be real conversations with the locals from the places you’ve visited. Try to retell what they’ve told you. Share interesting facts or funny stories. They will definitely make your travel stories more captivating.

Set an Objective for Your Stories

Many inexperienced travel writers create their stories without a clear objective. It’s a serious mistake that must be avoided at any cost. Make sure you clearly realize what you want to deliver to your readers and stick to the plan.

Be Helpful and Informative

If you want to attract many followers to your travel blog, try to write meaningful posts. When you describe some locations, mention the most important things to know. These are:

  • How to get there;
  • The best hotels;
  • The cheapest restaurants;
  • Trip tips, etc.

Revise Your Writing

A diligent writer always checks his/her writing. No one is perfect, and you’ll surely make some grammar or stylistic mistakes. It’s alright, but you should find time to reread your stories several times to improve those mistakes. Develop a habit of revising your travel articles at least twice. Use common rereading, checking applications, and/or ask other people to review your articles. These measures increase the chance to define what’s wrong. Remember that no authoritative magazine will accept articles full of drawbacks of any kind.

Obligatorily memorize all the prompts mentioned in our useful guide and you will improve your travel writing skills fast and easily. They all are effective and universal. If you follow our recommendations, you have great chances to enjoy success with travel writing for any magazine. Quite soon, the most famous agencies would like to get stories written by your hand.

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