Complete Guide: How to plan a solo trip

How to plan a solo trip

Travelling solo is a rare experience that allows you the luxury, without relying on others, to do what you would like to do. It is an opportunity to break away from your comfort zone and explore something from it. At the very same time, it is fun, exciting and demanding. As well as learning things concerning yourself, you know different things about the location. However, no matter how enjoyable or fun solo travel may seem, the reality is that it is still a challenging task for most of us.

Most concerns begin to roll in mind, almost immediately when we think of solo travel: is it safe excessively? Is it going to be boring? Is it going to be worth enough? How are we able to handle stuff? We also want to taste the “solo” flavour, yet we all want to play secure as well.

Here are a few tips to guide you on how to plan a solo trip. 

Make up your mind and decide on a destination 

Solo travel is perhaps the perfect way to make peace with your true self. It is a chance to discover your personality’s greater realm, just as you discover the world. Just make sure to choose which destination makes you happy and select it. It is not necessary that you have to pick a spot that is less chaotic and eclectic. You can go for a destination you are acquainted with, where you have been there before, or any popular tourist attraction. You can also schedule this on a weekend break. The concept is to be relaxed and at peace with yourself, because by travelling alone, you are already leaving your comfort level.

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Research well

Before venturing out on your solo trip, please ensure you are well versed with the place. Do the research needed, browse the internet, visit websites, and talk to people who have been to there before. At the very same time, taking the reference materials along is not a bad idea. You never know when you would find the need to use them, after all.

Where to stay when you are travelling alone

Solo travellers can stay away from hotels and look for smaller-scale accommodation: guesthouses and B&Bs tend to provide a more comfortable, personal environment, for instance.

Although you do not want to sleep in a hotel room, hostels are still good places to stay for solo travellers, with most of them providing comfortable private quarters. They are far more socially active than hotels, with a lot of community areas and coordinated events along the way, and are common not only with teenage tourists but with thrifty visitors of all generations.

Some guesthouses are spacious and in fantastic locations or atmospheric houses, such as the glamorous Fleurier Peninsula of South Australia’s Port Elliott Beach House or the beautifully isolated, environmental YHA Black Sail, in the Lake District, for instance.

For solo travellers, homestays are another great choice, providing a family environment and a glimpse into the local community. Some hosts are even going to take you out or offer you a guide. For suggestions, check out a website like or Airbnb. 

Make sure the place is open and safe after dark, wherever you plan to stay.

Safety for a solo traveller

A vast percentage of individuals travelling on their own do so securely, but some measures are always worth taking. Before you depart, search the website of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for the current travel tips on your destination. Scan your passport and other precious documentation, preserve them as PDFs, copy them to your smartphone, computer and/or tablet, and email them yourself. Printed copies are handy, too.

Ask the natives about the security condition, and do not do something dangerous like walking around the park or the beach at night, for instance, that you wouldn’t do at home. Try to appear calm, as if you have the idea about where you are going. Stop looking and acting like a traveller, leave that flashy watch, a handbag and other such things at home. And if you do ever feel insecure, listen to your gut, and head to someplace which is bustling with people; do not hesitate to make noise if something unforeseen happens and seek help.

Finding the right transportation 

Always search for the online schedule on websites such as or 12Go.Asia first to get some suggestions on the accessibility of the buses or trains available and then schedule it further.

Often, by public transport, the destinations we wish to go are inaccessible, and so we often have to rent a car myself and then go off on your own. With, one of the famous vehicle rental booking services out there, one cannot go wrong for hiring a car abroad. It is like Skyscanner, except it is for car hire.

Make sure to book the accommodation in advance

Plan your journey so that you can hit the spot just before sunset. The intention is to visit the place for prompt check-ins so you’ll have a place to rest and explore. If not for the whole journey, book accommodation for the first day so that you know where you’ll have to go. It would be ideal to suggest searching for homestays or a family-run guesthouse in which you can enjoy your breakfast with other new destinations who can assist you with the location’s perspectives.

But who knows that you might make a partner or buddies for the rest of your trip to join you. 

Contact the local workers to take a heads up on local areas as well as safety concerns. Look out for words like “vibrant”, “friendly”, and “family-owned” when searching for accommodation. Double read the reviews of the place you want to stay on the internet and screen the reviews by tourists after reading your reference book.

Talk to the strangers and have an open mind

Heading solo implies you have an opportunity to soak in your environment, along the way to meet natives and travellers alike. You embrace the duty to reach out, be socially adept, and participate in conversations with strangers while you fly alone. Have a chat with everyone and anyone that seems nice. It is possibly the best way to grasp the area and to discover it. You are probably getting to a stage or location you have always wished to see. And maybe you will notice that most residents and tourists can have a chat with you. When you want to be socially active, be happy to be by yourself, but confident enough to introduce yourself to others.

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