How to Move to Dubai and Live Legally?

How to Move to Dubai and Live Legally

Investors from abroad come to Dubai to buy a property in Business Bay and other freehold areas. They can dispose of real estate at their discretion — rent it out to tourists for a long time, give or bequeath, as well as live. The last point might be extremely interesting for foreign nationals: how to live in Dubai, if by law foreigners can stay in the country only a limited number of days a year?

There is a long-term visa program to enable overseas citizens to live legally in the UAE.

Long-term visas in Dubai for foreigners

People of different nationalities choose the United Arab Emirates as their new home, thereby contributing to the country’s growth and development. That is why the country persistently supports these moves.

The Gold Visa program was introduced to provide a long-term residence permit in the UAE to some people who, thanks to investments, have played an important role in the economic progress of the UAE. To accelerate this growth, the government has also introduced a golden visa for several more categories — for entrepreneurs, specialists from important sectors, talented representatives of the cultural environment, and so on.

The Golden visa program offers the owner (whether an entrepreneur, an investor with a large contribution to the economy or an expat with a special talent) long-term residence in the UAE for 5 or 10 years instead of a two-year visa.

How to get a golden visa in the UAE?

There is an ICA portal for applying for a Business Gold visa. If you are wondering how to get a golden visa in the UAE:

• Visit the website of the Federal Office of Identification and Citizenship (ICA).

• Click “Golden Services” in the categories section at the top.

• Scroll down to create a request for “Visa-Golden Visa — Nomination Request For Golden Residence”

• Click “Start Service”.

Fill out the application form with the following information:

• Personal profile (name, visa category, nationality, gender, origin, date of birth, etc.)

• Passport details (passport type, number and expiration date, etc.)

• Contact details (phone number, permanent address and country of residence, etc.)

• Professional and entrepreneurial experience

Upload attachments, pay application fees, and submit the form.

After filling out the form, it may take up to 30 days to consider your application to participate in the Golden Residence Permit program. If successful, you will be sent an email link where you need to upload the documents to complete your visa application. This stage of verification may take another 30 days, but as soon as it is approved, you will receive an email with detailed information on how to obtain a visa to the UAE.

If your candidacy is not approved within 30 days, you can always apply again after the 90-day period.

What happens next: important contacts

You can track the application process for a golden visa in Dubai to be aware and not worry. There are official contacts, use them to clarify the details to apply for a residence permit:

• In Dubai:  

• In Abu Dhabi: 

As soon as your application is approved and the visa process is started, you should contact the Federal Agency for Identification and Citizenship:


Phone: +971-2-495-5555

Frequently Asked Questions about a golden visa

— Can gold visa holders stay outside the UAE?

Yes, visa holders can stay outside the UAE for any period without having their visa status revoked.

— What should you do if the application was rejected?

If your visa application is not approved, apply again after the 90-day period.


The Golden visa is created to attract independent entrepreneurs and valuable specialists to the country to strengthen and develop the local economy. This step will improve the UAE’s reputation as a global incubator of innovation and talent. In addition to a visa for entrepreneurs and professionals in the UAE, you can also apply for an investor visa in Dubai to make your dreams come true as a successful investor in a growing economy. In particular, you can contribute to businesses in the United Arab Emirates or invest in expensive real estate.

No matter what kind of visa you have, it is important that you never stay in the UAE after it expires. If you live in the UAE and want to apply for a golden visa, check your visa status online before applying it. If you do not want to get a visa to the UAE for any reason, make sure that you know the process, fees, and everything else that is associated with it. The United Arab Emirates is a country that strictly abides by the law, but there is no need to be afraid of this. Strict legislation allows the state to flourish and become one of the most attractive not only in the East but in the world in general.

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