How to choose your hotel on your next vacation

How to choose your hotel

A good hotel can always increase your experience on a holiday. But what is good for one might be disturbing for someone else.  Therefore you should take into consideration a lot of things when you look for a hotel, not just look at the little star ratings. In the following article, you will find some ideas of what to look at when you choose your accommodation for your next trip.


If you don’t exactly know what you want from a hotel, there’s no way to pick the right one for you. Therefore you have to choose first what’s best for you. Nearly all websites that show you hotels have some filters where you can set what you want from your room. Maybe you want free breakfast, or maybe not, because you want to sleep until noon after a fun night. Or perhaps you feel more comfortable in a smaller, intimate room with a friendly staff, so you may feel like home. Or all you want is luxury? As for the design do you prefer something old-fashioned, minimalist, business-like rooms, or over-the-top interior design?

My point is that we’re all different. So first think about what you want from your hotel room. Always look at the photos and read the descriptions, there must be minor details that you can fall in love with and others that may be a big NO for you.


For the hotels, the number one priority is to make sure that you have the best experience ever. Therefore they might offer you some extras, some of them are all-inclusive, some not. Whichever would be the case, make sure to make the right choice. When we talk about hotels, there could be a lot of extras.

Some hotels are highlighting the comfort and relaxation for the clients and they have fancy restaurants, wellness departments, pools, maybe a gym. These kinds of extras are good for those who don’t have as their main purpose to visit the city they went to. They just want to chill without sitting in a car or bus. Which may be understandable for older generations.

As for younger generations, there are other extras that you can enjoy. For these kinds of guests, it’s important that the casino they will go to, to have a social place. This can be everything from a bar, to a game room or perhaps a casino. If you’ve been in the city for a couple of days and you saw everything you wanted, take some time and make some new friends. A casino inside your hotel might be a perfect place for that. The best way to meet someone new is by doing something active. This way there won’t be any awkward silences, and you will have something to talk about, not to mention the fact that you can show your awesome casino skills.

For that, you can always prepare online by playing some blackjack online. And when you get to the green table in real life you will be a pro and it will be easier to make new friends. So when searching for a hotel always make sure you get as many services as possible inside the building.

Your Travel Partner

I talked about how the age of a person may influence his choice for a hotel, well the same thing applies to your companion on the trip.  If you are travelling alone, you may consider booking a room with a shared bedroom in a hostel you can make a lot of friends and new connections in such a room. It’s true that it’s not for everyone, but you should try out at least once in your life.

On the other hand, if you travel with your partner or some buddies, you may want to have your own room, where nobody can disturb you. For this you also have a lot of options, if you want to make a little home party there you can choose Airbnb, but if you only want to sleep and shower there just book a normal room in a hotel.


If you go to a big city like Paris or Rome you don’t want to book a hotel at the edge of a city. It may be cheaper a bit, but in the end, it isn’t worth it. So if you can set the geo filter, make sure that you’re not more than 1km away from the centre. It’s always more interesting to stroll the city rather than taking a bus. You lose a lot of time and experience by taking a bus or anything. Also, if you feel like you want to take a midnight walk you will have nothing to at the edge of the city. So always look at the location, at the hotel and be sure that it is near to the monuments in the city.


After you set the right filters to make sure to read the reviews. And I’m not talking about the star rating. Take your time and read some of the most recent reviews. There will be bad reviews because there are some certain people that you can’t please with anything. So make sure you read more than 5 reviews. There is nothing worse than a poorly cleaned room or a bad staff that won’t even give you the wi-fi password. But you can avoid all this by reading the reviews.


A proper accommodation during your vacation or city break is one of the most crucial aspects of your time spent somewhere. The above-mentioned tips can give you some tips to have the right point of view when choosing the ideal hotel for you. But the most important thing is to always learn from your own mistakes if you ever experienced something unpleasant in a hotel, next time try to avoid that certain thing and you will feel much better on your next trip.

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