How to Chase Your Traveling Dreams While Running a Business

How to Chase Your Traveling Dreams While Running a Business
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There has been a significant increase in digital nomads and those who have no fixed point of work. Those you come into contact with could be working from their home office, could be on a plane, train, in the back of a car, could be on a beach, in a chalet, or even at the base camp of Mount Everest. Being able to travel and live your dreams, while also bringing in the income to do so, has never been easier. So, what do you need to do?

Keep Your Clients Happy

If you are able to travel the world and still work, you could have any number of businesses, but would probably have one that works for small clients in a digital capacity. So, as you will be reliant on these clients to fund your journey, it is important to keep them happy. Let them know when they can reach you, ensure you plan your trip around internet connectivity, and ensure you have compared the time zone to your clients’ in order to not miss a deadline for such a silly reason. You can enjoy yourself, but ensure your clients’ needs are met.

Keep Your Business Protected

One important aspect when traveling the world and maintaining your work is to ensure that you have the right protections in place. Many digital nomads forget that their actions would have the same effect as a multinational corporation and should anything go awry. Both would face the same consequences. So, it’s important to have insurance and any other necessary protections. Finding insurance for a business is simple and can be customized to your specific industry or sector. Being caught in a lawsuit would definitely be a nasty wake-up call to your traveling dreams. Ensuring you are protected should any sickness or injury prevent you from working while traveling is also important.

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Keep Your Network Growing

It can be easy as a digital nomad or freelancer to rely on your existing pool of clients, but it’s important to take advantage of working around the world by networking with others. This may be overlooked in between your working hours in the day, your exploring hours, or your hours being immersed in culture. But, many popular tourist hotspots also have networks of likeminded business people such as yourself. The trend is growing and various places – from Indonesia, Colombia, Thailand, and Germany – are catering to such workers. By networking in such exotic locales, you might stumble upon a client or business opportunity you would never have had the chance to otherwise.  

Traveling the world might be your dream, and work can seem like an anchor to this process. But, if you follow the checklist and work it right, you will be able to use your work to fund and propel yourself into a more immersive trip. Ensuring you are protected as you would be back home, have the necessary protections in place, and are keeping the business growing through networking, can lead to the most efficient working vacation.                                                                                         

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