How can you get Romanian passport smoothly with the support of

How can you get Romanian passport smoothly with the support

Relocation to another country is the best way to change your life. But immigration involves a lot of paperwork. Thus, collecting documents makes a lot of people sick. The best option to get European passport easily is to cooperate with a company that specializes in immigration, such as Eucitizensship.

Why Is It Convenient to Immigrate to Romania?

The benefits, which the Europeans have, give them a lot of opportunities in a whole European Union. A lot of people admit feeling freedom in their life, and that is one of the greatest reasons why the immigrants need EU passport. The processing of European citizenship in Romania is the easiest one among the other European Union countries. 

The benefits of holding a Romanian passport:

  • Visa free traveling. The Romanian government has signed an agreement on a visa-free regime for its citizens with 172 states around the world.
  • Opportunity to work in leading European corporations without applying for work permit in the particular country.
  • Right to live in any of the 27 EU countries.
  • Opportunity to get a high-quality education. The immigrants can get the scholarship offered by universities as long as it is consistent with the policy of a particular educational institution.
  • Every passport holder gets a social protection, financial support, and access to a stable and developing economy.

The mentioned above, are the main reasons why the immigrants should receive EU passport.

Assistance of Eucitizensship in European Passport Obtaining Procedure

Eucitizensship is one of the most influential law companies in the international immigration field. The lawyers have received a lot of positive feedback from its customers, since they have started working in 2016. helps with all the procedures, such as:

  1. Search for the necessary documents.
  2. Preparation of a dossier.
  3. Documents submission (in some cases).
  4. Registration of internal documents (if needed).

The company treats clients` personal data with respect. Eucitizensship signifies European service, professionalism, reliability, and safety.

How Does Make Your Relocation to Romania Successful?

Obtaining European citizenship is a long process. Eucitizensship helps its clients to obtain EU citizenship in different ways:

  • Repatriation. If your close relatives live or lived in Romania, you have a right to restore your citizenship. You need to prove your relatives’ origin by documents.
  • Naturalization calls for receiving a residence permit in Romania first, and after that – a passport.

Eucitizensship helps its customers get Romanian citizenship by repatriation as that is the most convenient way to immigrate. The lawyers assist the immigrants at all stages of immigration procedure, provide them with great support.

Cooperation with includes:

  1. Searching for the necessary documents in the repository. The company submits an official request to have the lost documents restored.
  2. Creation of the dossier. Eucitizensship is responsible for translation, notarization, and checking of the documents in compliance with requirements.
  3. The submission of prepared documents to the Ministry of Justice in Bucharest, Romania. As a result, the applicants` will get a registration number of their case for tracking.
  4. The solemn procedure of taking the oath of allegiance to Romania takes place in Bucharest, in the Ministry of Justice. Therefore, the applicants will receive their certificates of citizenship.
  5. Getting documents (birth and marriage certificates, ID card, international passport, driver’s license, etc.).

Applying for a Romanian passport by repatriation, every immigrant should follow important requirements, such as:

  • Aged 18 and over;
  • No criminal records;
  • Basic knowledge of the Romanian language.

Customers’ Feedback About Cooperation with Eucitizensship

If you are interested in cooperation with the company, you should learn more about personal experience of its clients.

Reviews about prove that the company offers many kinds of services that allow customers to obtain the citizenship of Romania. The lawyers present these ones at individual consultation. According to the company’s policy, it provides the clients with full confidentiality. To follow all legal requirements the customer is asked to sign an agreement with Features of the company, which the clients mention, concern fast preparation of documents, professional managing all the processes, and great dealing with all of the nuances. Thus, almost all of the Eucitizensship`s reviews on the Internet are positive.


Nowadays, immigration to EU is the best way to start a new life, and get great opportunities. To obtain the advantages of living in European Union, you should consider registering a European passport. As it was said in customers’ reviews, cooperation with the company might be an effective way to obtain Romanian citizenship. The lawyers of will arrange the application procedures and make the process of obtaining an EU passport fast and simple. Also, the company provides a free consultation, where lawyers can determine the best immigration plan for the customer. All the procedures require a minimal time from clients, so they can easily become Romanian citizens. Taking into consideration features of Eucitizensship, and the customers’ opinion, the company is definitely worth cooperating with.

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