Helpful Tips to Travel to Aruba for the First Time

Travel to Aruba for the First Time

Located several miles off the coast of Venezuela, Aruba is a popular island for vacationers. While it is home to around 100K people, it sees tens of thousands of vacationers per year.

Do you have plans to find and book cruises to Aruba? If so, learning a few things before you go can be helpful. Knowing what to expect will help you make the most of your time on the island.

The Accommodations

As mentioned above, Aruba is considered a popular vacation destination. It offers a huge selection of accommodations. The high-rise resorts that are popular for visitors can be found on Palm Beach, while the low-rise resources are found on Eagle Beach.

Along with the local and corporate resorts, Aruba is also full of condos, vacation villas, timeshare rentals, and apartment complexes through the island.

Wi-Fi and Communications Considerations

If you plan to call in the U.S., you must dial 001 from Aruba, followed by the area code and the phone number. For any other country, you must dial 00, the country code, and then the phone number. There are a few options to make long-distance calls, including public phone booths, renting a cell phone, or purchasing a SIM card. You will find that Wi-Fi is provided in most public areas and resorts.

The Drinking Water

You do not have to worry about purchasing bottled water while you are visiting Aruba. The tap water here is refreshing and pure. It has also met the very high standards set by the World Health Organization.

Because Aruba has no primary sources of freshwater, all water on the island is distilled at a desalination plant. You can even tour this plant during your visit if desired.

The Electricity

Aruba decided to adopt the 110 A.C. standard, which is the same as Canada and the U.S. The electricity here is a by-product of the desalination process used for the water.

Family Vacations

The island of Aruba offers something for every member of your family. This means that everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, is going to have a great time when visiting this island. Many resorts even offer family activities and beautiful beaches where there are countless adventures and activities to participate in.

The Language

In Aruba, the official languages are Papiamento and Dutch. However, most of the people who reside in Aruba are multi-lingual and can easily communicate in Spanish and English, and the other two languages mentioned above.

Emergencies or Medical Needs

If you need any type of medical assistance, you can contact the front desk at the apartment complex or hotel where you are staying. This is where you can learn how to get in touch with a doctor or seek emergency care. To get emergency services, dial 911, and for the police, you can dial 100. There is a hospital in Aruba that is located nearby Eagle Beach.

Currency and Money

In Aruba, you will find a unique currency is used. It is referred to as the Aruban florin. While this is true, the shops and stores here will also accept the U.S. dollar. On the island, the exchange rate for the U.S. dollar is between 1.75 and 1.80 for one American dollar.

Tips and Service Charges

While tipping is not something that is obligatory, it is something that each visitor can decide if they want to do. While this is true, there are some bars and restaurants that will add service charges on to your final bill.

When this charge is included, you will see a fee of an extra 10 to 15 percent. You can also add an additional tip if you receive exceptional service.

Safety Considerations

When it comes to safe destinations in the Caribbean, Aruba is near the top. In fact, it is considered relatively safe during the night or the day. However, issues may occur, and incidents may arise. This means you should avoid leaving your valuable items unattended or out in the open on the beach or in your vehicle.

The Seasons in Aruba

The low season in Aruba occurs between the dates of April 15th and December 14th. The High Season occurs between December 15th and April 14th. Some resorts use slightly different seasonal rates.

The high season is considered the busiest period here, and many resorts will book up quickly. Because of the high demand during the high season, the cost of accommodations and car rentals is likely going to be higher than if you were to go during the low season.


You will find plenty of stores and boutiques in Aruba. This means that you will have plenty of opportunities to buy souvenirs for everyone and yourself.

Visiting Aruba

If you are planning to visit Aruba, be sure to keep all the information here in mind. When you do this, you can feel confident that you will make the most of your trip and that you get to enjoy all that Aruba has to offer. Being informed is the best way to make the most of your experience and enjoy all that the island of Aruba has to offer.

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