Great Reasons Why France Is the Best Destination to Find Jobs

Great Reasons Why France Is the Best Destination to Find Jobs

Nowadays, it seems as though the human race is living in more and more uncertain times than ever. While this could be a negative in some respects, it also enables a touch of introspection and inward thinking, challenging people to think about the goals they want to achieve and solving those issues in an innovative and creative fashion.

For instance, working abroad is often on the bucket list of many modern folk, whereas for others the pure joy and bliss of seeing and breathing in new sights and sounds from all four of the corners of the planet is just the ticket. For still others, the goal is to learn a foreign language, so what if there was a way to combine all three of these objectives into one aim?

Thankfully, there is, and with the advent of technology, it has never been easier to get in touch with academies and get the ball rolling! Below are some of the very best reasons why France is the best destination to find jobs, so keep scrolling to find out more.

Location, location, location

To paraphrase a well-known property television programme from the last couple of decades, location really is one of the most essential aspects of making the decision on where to move. To begin with, a 30 hour journey is simply not for everyone, so being much closer to home jst makes a lot of sense on the most fundamental of levels.

Furthermore, it is not necessary to have Kirstie and Phil on hand to know that being close to family and friends in real life is of the utmost importance, especially in these uncertain times. Knowing that it is possible to hop on the Eurostar, or another form of simple transport, and hop back across the Channel in no time at all is a boon to everyone.

Not only that, but it also makes an ideal landing pad for those wishing to visit, being just a stone’s throw away from Blighty. This should ease the separation anxiety that many TEFL teachers experience when they begin their nascent career path. Being a tour guide around France is not only rewarding in and of itself, but also has a certain cultural and sophisticated air to it. Best of all, the visit gloved ones are able to pop over for a quick long weekend, and still be back in time to tell everyone back home all about their trip. You can also take advantage of the Mobility Lease that eases access to housing, particularly for students or people who move around for work.

Finally, almost the entire nation is well connected to the virtual world, and this is a blessing for any TEFL teacher, for lesson planning or keeping up to date with cutting-edge pedagogical trends. It also means that it doesn’t really matter whether the prospective TEFL tutor is seeking a job in the classroom or online, there really is no better space to get the TEFL teaching journey started than la belle France! 


In all honesty, what expression of French life and culture would be complete without a reference to the famous city of light, the capital Paris? Whether it be a quick visit to the Eiffel Tower to get the obligatory selfie, or a mind-boggling stroll around the Louvre, one is simply spoilt for choice when it comes to being a full-time tourist here. Thankfully, this very reason is also that which creates massive opportunities for TEFL teachers to ply their trade and hone their craft. 

The reality is that English is a global lingua franca, and this means that almost all tour guides are expected if not demanded to have at least a passing working knowledge of the language. For those looking to get in on the action, this translates to a thirst for acquiring English leading to a greater need for TEFL experts to come in and save the day.


Although everybody has heard about Michelin stars, the reality is that French cuisine is about so much more than spending thousands of dollars on a single plate. In fact, even simple bistros can offer quality dining at a fraction of the cost of a take away meal on home soil. From a purely gastronomic point of view, France continues to be the place to be for those in the know about anything and everything culinary.

Having said that, it is not just from a personal viewpoint that a TEFL professional should seek out the French connection. In addition, this sector of the hospitality industry is often crying out for help, from making sure the menu listings are up to scratch for passers-by, to keeping the chefs apace with all the correct terminology so that they don’t make mistakes in the kitchen.

The Tour de France

When cyclists convene to converse about the very latest goings-on in the world of elite cycling, the extreme zenith of this sport always turns around the Tour de France, which takes place every year throughout this western European nation. Annually, the race passes through the heart of the country, from north to south, testing the absolute limits of cycler endurance and speed, requiring the wits of an entire team and the expertise of medical crews to navigate the choppy terrain.

For those of a British persuasion, the sport has come alive in recent years, in no small part due to the exploits of expert cyclists such as Sir Bradley Wiggins and Mark Cavendish, both of whom cut their teeth in the rugged slopes of the Pyrenees and the treacherous course that has been plotted. What is more, each year all experts seem to agree that the race organisers go out of their way to make the race harder and harder, which of course only adds to the allure and prestige that the eventual race winner receives at the end.

For a TEFL instructor, beyond the natural advantage of witnessing elite sport being practiced in front of their very eyes is also the chance to maybe make a little extra side money, teaching either people directly involved in the race, or giving lessons to those looking to come and experience the action themselves.

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