Five Tips for Traveling After an Accident

Five Tips for Traveling After an Accident

Life is never quite the same after an accident. Whether it was a car accident, a work accident, or a serious accident you experienced in your home, an accident can leave you with both physical challenges and psychological wounds that can make it difficult to carry on with your normal, everyday life. Unfortunately, that can cause many people to spend more time at home than they want, feeling sad that they can’t get back out there and do the things they love.

That includes travel!

The truth is that you can absolutely travel after an accident, whether you are dealing with a temporary or permanent disability. You just have to know how to change how you vacation to meet your needs.

Make Sure Any Legal Proceedings Are Complete

First, make sure that any legal proceedings you may be a part of are complete before you book your first vacation after experiencing an accident. A personal injury attorney can work with your insurance company, as well as filing a lawsuit against a third party that is to blame for your accident, but doing that can be extremely difficult if you aren’t around to answer your attorney’s questions and meet with them on a regular basis.

It can also look bad. If you have been severely injured or are experiencing serious changes to your mental health, it can appear to the courts that your situation isn’t quite as dire as you’re claiming if you’re jet setting halfway around the world. It’s best to focus on your case first and focus on planning your vacation only after it’s over.

Choose the Most Comfortable Form of Transportation

If you’re ready to start planning your vacation, before you think about where you want to go, you should consider the form of transportation that would be most comfortable for you.

There are many benefits associated with driving compared to flying. You can stop whenever you want, which is important if your legs or back get stiff and need to be stretched regularly.

However, that doesn’t mean flying isn’t the better choice for you. If you’re traveling somewhere long-distance, it might be better for you to sit in a plane for an hour or two instead of spending half the day in the car. Not to mention, a plane might be the better choice if you’re recovering from mental trauma after a car accident.

Find a Destination That Eliminates Frustration

You may know exactly where you want to go, but that doesn’t mean that particular destination is a good choice. Many destinations aren’t friendly to those with disabilities.

For example, if you’re dealing with leg or knee injuries, you are going to be frustrated with a beach vacation that requires you to walk on the sand. Instead, do a little research ahead of time to look for destinations that are wheelchair accessible, as they tend to be more accessible to anyone with mobility challenges.

A few destinations to consider include:

  • Multnomah Falls in Portland, Oregon
  • Rocky Mountaineer’s luxury train experience in Canada
  • Fort San Cristobal, Puerto Rico
  • The London Eye, England

Choose Your Hotel Room Wisely

Not only do you have to be thoughtful about the destination you choose, you should also choose your hotel room wisely. Fortunately, it’s a lot easier than you may think because there are a lot of things about hotels and their ability to help guests that you may not know.

Don’t be afraid to ask for a room on the main floor so you can avoid stairs and elevators. You can ask for a room close to the front door to reduce the amount of walking you have to do, you can request a body pillow to make sleeping more comfortable, and you may even be able to request a wheelchair or a scooter to help you get around.

Rest Often

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they go on vacation is scheduling too much to do. Even if this is how you liked to vacation before your accident, it’s not the way you can vacation anymore. It’s important to rest often so you don’t aggravate your injuries.

Resting doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! Just come back to the hotel in the afternoon for a nap, get a late start one day, and come back early the next to make sure you’re getting plenty of rest.

An accident doesn’t mean you can never travel again! With a few considerations and accommodations, you can travel to your heart’s content.

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