Feeling Bored in Kolkata? Set Out on a Weekend Trip!

Kolkata, the City of Joy, is full of enthusiasm. While the city has innumerable literary destinations to enlighten the tourists, Kolkata also knows how to entertain the guests with art and culture. However, if you are a resident and you keep visiting the best places in the city very often, you might want a refreshing change. For those people, a weekend trip would be fantastic. As there are plenty of places to go to from Kolkata, you can set out on any weekend. While some destinations require prior reservation, some provide accommodation on the go. Hence, last-minute plans are always welcome. If you would like to know a few names of places that you can set out to, please read along.

Weekend Trip Near Kolkata

Henry’s Island:

Yes, it sounds like one of those foreign beaches where you can sunbathe during the day and watch your loved ones building sand castles. However, Henry’s Island, located at a distance of 130 km from Kolkata, is more like a homely ambience with casuarinas forming a boundary to restrain the waves from entering further. There are two resorts there – Mangrove and Sundari. Upon prior reservation, you can stay on the island and enjoy the exotic prawn dishes as pisciculture is largely practised there. You can also indulge in photography from the watch tower.


The land of music, art, and culture finds prominence as you step into Shantiniketan. The place of Tagore’s poetry and songs is an unmistakably beautiful place. The open classrooms, the free lives of the students, and the birth of creativity – these will keep you mesmerized. Another thing of importance is Baul Sangeet. People travel 151 km all the way from Kolkata just to experience the authentic culture here. You can also try out some exotic Bengali desserts like pithe, puli, etc.

Itachuna Rajbari:

Itachuna Rajbari is a heritage place that you are bound to love. If you are looking forward to a shorter driving distance of 66 km or convenient transport via local train, Itachuna Rajbari should be on your wishlist. This heritage palace will give you an insight into the history – how the dacoits from Maharashtra settled down in this region off Khannan and attained the kingly title. You can take a stroll in the garden and enjoy the breeze on the huge terrace. The food is cooked by chefs who have been serving the royal family line for centuries. Thus, you will not be able to refrain from licking your fingers. Also, if you want a haunted experience, try to stay up the whole night!


This UNESCO World Heritage site is at a driving distance of 109 km from Kolkata. The home to the Royal Bengal Tiger, the Sundarbans have always been captivating the tourists because of the rich flora and fauna. From exotic plants that attract botanists to captivating waters that lure photographers, the Sundarbans have always been a paradise. And, in case you are lucky, you will get a glimpse of the Royal Bengal Tiger as well.

Kolkata will never fail to keep you happy and entertained. And, as long as a weekend trip is concerned, there are many more places that you can visit from Kolkata. Hence, you can relax and plan your weekend trip in advance. Otherwise, a sudden getaway will be entertaining as well.

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