Essential Gear For Travelling Solo

There’s been a significant change in the way we travel over the last few years. People are a lot more adventurous now, venturing out on their own in search of new experiences in faraway lands.

What and how you pack for your travels depend upon the type of vacation you are planning. Family holidays have a completely different packing list as compared to someone who is just going to spend all of their time at a luxury resort. When it comes to solo travel, one needs to take a little extra care in deciding what to carry. A bit more of a daring outing, the following essentials can make a huge difference when travelling on your own. 


Travelling solo means there isn’t going to be anyone around you to help with your luggage. So, choosing the right bag can make a huge difference. The easiest way is to carry a backpack, but solo travel doesn’t mean you cannot live in fancy hotels or travel in luxury. When choosing the right luggage for your travels, make sure it is lightweight, has a semi-hard shell, and most importantly, good wheels. This makes it simple enough to carry along your bag no matter where you are. Also, remember to limit your total bags to one backpack and one main luggage carrier. 


Being alone in this big world means you have loads of time to yourself. While all these free moments are lovely for self-introspection, we also need some form of entertainment to keep us occupied. To tackle boredom and even earn money while you are at it, choosing the right online casino before heading out on the trip can be beneficial. Now, you can indulge in some online slot or live poker while taking a train, waiting at the airport, or at night, when jet lag makes you stay up late. 

Secret Clothing

We all want to dress nice and comfortable when travelling, and choosing the right clothes can be a little confusing at times. While there are the general dos and don’ts of travel clothing that apply for regular vacations, a solo trip requires a few extra add-ons. Make sure you have jackets, scarfs, or shorts that come with hidden pockets where you can store away your money and passport. Moreover, opt for an anti-theft backpack that deters thieves in crowded areas from making you a target.

Emergency Information

There are two aspects to being prepared for the worse when alone in a foreign country. First is to keep a customised medical kit with all the medication you take, that may or may not be available in a different country. Furthermore, since you don’t have anyone around who can run to the pharmacy for you, keep essential medications, like for stomach flu, fever, cold and cough, handy.

Secondly, always keep an emergency contact card in a couple of places with and on you. One can be in your handbag and one in your main suitcase. Make sure it lists all necessary information about you, including blood type, and also if you have any particular medical condition. More importantly, have the numbers of your loved ones on it along with the appropriate country codes. 


No, not the clock, but a safety alarm. There are many gadgets in the market now that allow people to raise the alarm instantly by pressing a button or pulling a stick. Having one on hand at all times can make a huge difference when you are travelling alone.

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