Citizensl: How to Get Romanian Passport Easily?

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On the one hand, the concept of “immigration” conjures up images of hope, opportunity, better life, and promising employment prospects; on the other hand, it evokes images of endless paperwork, forms, and years of waiting to finally get EU passport. immigration company can simplify your registration process by choosing the right procedure, and assisting during the whole way of obtaining European documents.

In this article, we will explain the way of acquiring a Romanian passport with the assistance of Citizensl. You will learn about:

  • Pros and cons of living in Romania;
  • Procedures of obtaining EU passport;
  • Features of getting a Romanian citizenship with lawyers;
  • Customer reviews about Citizensl.

The advantages of moving to Romania

Obtaining EU citizenship and moving there, means getting better living conditions. Citizens of the European Union enjoy:

  • High-level of education. In many EU countries education is free for their citizens, also universities offer numerous grants and scholarships.
  • Stability. Strong and stable economy, low unemployment rate, and great career opportunities.
  • Freedom of speech, religion, expression, etc.
  • High standard of living, good environmental conditions, pro-ecological lifestyle, sustainable development.
  • No boundaries, visa-free travel within European Union.

How can the immigrants obtain Romanian citizenship?

Migration to the European Union may be done in a number of different ways. Some people prefer naturalization which means moving to Romania on a legal basis (having a visa) to study, work, etc. To receive a residence permit immigrants should stay in a country for quite a long time, build their life over there, and be law-abiding citizens. Each European country has its own requirements for naturalization. For example, to get Romanian passport, immigrant should live in the state at least 8 years, be able to communicate in Romanian and well-versed in the country’s history and culture. After getting a residence permit in Romania, the person should obtain permanent residence. Only after that the immigrant is allowed to apply for citizenship of the country.

However, repatriation is considered to be much faster and easier procedure to get EU passport. You will be able to receive Romanian citizenship within a year, and all you need to do is to gather the necessary documents, and pass the oath taking ceremony. The main requirement is to have the proof of Romanian ethnicity.

Also, the applicant needs to meet the following criteria:

  • Be 18 years old;
  • Have no convictions;
  • Take an oath of allegiance to the country.

Romanian passport registration with Citizensl

Citizensl`s specialists will take care of all other necessary documents and applications, and will help you until you receive your European documents.

Steps of obtaining Romanian passport with the company:

  1. Initial consultation, assessing of immigrant`s personal case, signing the agreement;
  2. Collection of the documents, applying to the repository (in some cases), translating and notarizing the papers by Citizensl;
  3. Submitting the case to the Ministry of Justice by the applicant;
  4. Taking the oath of allegiance to the Romanian nation on the behalf of the applicant, and receiving the citizenship certificate;
  5. Registration of citizenship of Romania.

Main feature of Citizensl`s support, according to clients` opinion, is that the company manages all the processes of registration of Romanian citizenship.

Customers feedback about immigration company

On the Internet you will come across customer reviews of Citizensl’s work. Clients’ feedback shows a reasonable explanation why the person has decided to cooperate with the lawyers, and the result of their common work. Almost everything related to the immigration procedure is handled by the company, as the personal experience of the clients proves. Attorneys and specialists of can tailor their services to meet the specific goals of each client. Many customers highly appreciate the initial free consultation, during which the case is assessed and the best solutions are found. In their feedback on Citizensl, clients respect company`s constant willingness to assist its customers, even in the most challenging situations.


To draw the conclusion, the immigration process is a rather complex, demanding, and time-consuming procedure. However, the presence of a company such as in your immigration journey will definitely facilitate it. Preparation of documents, archival research, assistance in filling out applications, etc. – these are the tasks that are within lawyers` competence. Make your immigration procedure easier by entrusting this complex duty to professionals from Citizensl.

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