Budget Travelling: 7 Best Places for Traveller’s who like Vacationing in Cost Effective Way

With a fresh start of the new year, every travel freak start planning their trips and vacationing places. And why not? Our world is full of adorable places that does not even require much effort in finding attractive places.
As we all know budget becomes a prime factor for most of us while we decide upon a destination- whether its affordable or not. In few countries, visiting can be so costly where you cannot afford a tiniest room whereas there are other places where you can easily afford luxury villas! Many countries we assume as an expensive place but surprisingly may actually be an affordable one. No matter what, you always have an option where you can visit places in budget and afford to stay for desired time period.

The countries and destinations mentioned below may provide you with some help while making a decision for your next stop destination and most importantly, for low budgeted travellers who desire travelling at international places.


The Pristine coastline of Croatia is amazingly budget friendly where a normal room at few hotels in Zadar or a hostel can come anywhere below $20. To make it more affordable, go during off-season that falls likely between November till March as you get additional discounts for visiting National Parks at that time. The National Parks of Croatia is home for waterfall lovers and Krka National Park can be visited in just $5 in winters and $30 in summers. Krka is very famous for its splendid views but if you wish to swim through the waterfalls, better go to Plitvice.

Under any case, do taste a glass or two of red Dingac wine of Croatia that might cost you around $5. People visiting Croatia never mises visiting famous Matusko winery which is one of the legendary underground wine cellars and tasting wine over there is absolutely free as long as you could buy yourself something.


For every budget traveller’s, Thailand is a help as it covers every element required for budget travellers due to which this place holds a special place in the hearts of Nomads. Thailand is incredible here tourists keep flooding in from ages and from every parts of the world. In the heart of Southeast Asia, one day stay at Thailand can cost you as low as $25-30. Thanks to the guesthouses that accommodates people in such minimum charges, local buses, street food and attractive places with entry tickets being very minimal. Thailand visitors also love to spend entire days on beaches and islands. Some might wish to acquire luxurious accommodation for comfort that can be ranged between $50-100 per day. Nevertheless, with that price even Thailand is considered as most bargaining destination throughout the globe about which even new visitors are aware off and don’t ever skips it.


If you wish to go to Caribbean with a low budget, Cuba can be your saviour as it remains in top list of budget travellers. Travelling there in itself is a rich experience, but if you like to travel solely, Cuba will cost you even lesser, far better and richer experience. Spanish vibe, stunning beaches and uniqueness of Caribbean islands filled with friendly people, tasty food and beautiful landscapes will make you visit this place more often. Whenever you see Cuban people, you will find a smile on their faces, some busy dancing on streets, lying lazily on vast beaches and partying at Havana where many travellers enrich themselves from unforgettable memories. Performing local activities can be comparatively a lot cheaper in Cuba while wandering around the bustling streets and beaches, costing to nothing. Visiting museums, horseback riding, caving and other special tourists’ spots may cost you anywhere between $5-30 making it one of the most affordable destination to visit.

Travelling to Cuba is a great idea because here you will have many things to do and you will go back home with great experience and full of emotions. Once you are in Cuba except visiting museums and cavings you should also try the traditional dishes. You might also want to buy Cuban cigars which are world-famous for theirs extraordinary aromas and mixed flavours.


Morocco is a desert destination where your pouches will never run dry! However, beware from local tourist guides who would try to part you from your money by overcharging everything you discover with them. What’s interesting about Morocco is there are many bargains that are made for every stuff you eye at. In Marrakech, you may find your choice of comfortable double-spaced occupancy that may range you less than $40, including breakfast. If you want to go cheaper then rent a hostel which will cost you around $3-6 per bed for a night stay. A day trip to nearest Ouzoud waterfalls can cost as cheap as $30 and enjoying a lavish hammam can set back $10 from you. There are many shopping places in the city where bargaining is the key. Negotiate for a pair of famous leather sandals and beautifully made lantern to take back as a gift for friends and family.


Mexico is a place where you would wish travelling again and again not only because of its delicious cuisines, but for friendliness shown by local people out there and superior-class beaches that will fill you with intoxicating vibes. At Mexico, you will find many incredible places to visit and find lots of things to do for which even time period of a year may fall short. The governmental policies at Mexico has converted many tourist spots into affordable place these days. Presently, the country remains 49% cheaper than US due to currency conversion at cheaper rates. If you really want to save money for further travelling, avoid coming Mexico during peak season that falls between November-March. Accommodation during that period touches the sky and many best priced places remains booked before six months. However, during any season Mexico can shock you with affordable rates where a Taco can cost you as low as 30 cents. Other than great food, Mexico do have many shops from where you can buy your own groceries for cooking yourself. Many guesthouses have inbuilt kitchens for tourists who appreciate saving for other sightseeing determinations.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia falls under the list of amazing slices related to past history in Europe. This country will give you a glimpse of those times when today’s so-called homogenised nations looked way different. The mixture of religion, culture and fascinating stories with exotic countryside views can surprise you each time you visit this place. Moreover, it is so cheap which makes travellers choose Bosnia while making plans for budgeted travelling. An ordinary dorm hostel can cost you around $10 and a simple meal will set you back for $5-10, you can even opt for street food to reduce cost per meal. Beer costs only a buck in which you can taste some excellent local wine too. Bosnians are notoriously thrilled and sometimes over-friendly to have many visitors throughout the year, so don’t get too much excited if treated like one such. Both the places are filled with amazing sculptures and natural wonders that reflects tragic history of European nations. Sarajevo even has some ruins left from 1984 Olympics that can be explored free of cost along with hiking at places like river Canyon.


Indonesia is all about scuba diving, street food, aromatic massages and body spa. In Indonesia, spending more than $50 will become tough for you, without making hefty purchases of course. One of its amazing islands, Bali is considered as top most visited places in Southeast Asia where you can book yourself a cosy room for just $10, including breakfast. Go diving at the USS Liberty that will cost you approximately $21, feel free skipping Denpasar areas as it might prove irritating on touristy days. Do visit northern side where you will find Ubud to make some shopping at boutique shops and to have a meal at some innovative restaurants. Truly, an entire day in Indonesia can be spend treating yourself with street food costing around $3 per day! Hit local markets early during the time when locals go if you want to do some cheap shopping. Along with it, hire a car or go for a ride in local bus to treat your eyes with spectacular views of natural landscapes.

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