Bucket List Canada: From Inuit Trips to Live Casino Gaming

Canada is on the bucket list for most people who enjoy traveling. The North American nation boasts a tremendous mix of native heritage, natural wonders, unique wildlife, and modern appeal in its huge cities and mass love of casino gaming. 

Just about everything that you could want to enjoy in Canada is unique to everywhere else in the world. As such, if you travel over to Canada, you’ll want to embrace every aspect of what’s on offer. Sure, do as most travelers do and see the sights, but also embrace the Canadian love of casino gaming and explore how the natives continue to live a traditional life. 

Here’s how you can fully embrace Canada to tick it off of your bucket list.

A very unique sight to see

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From the national parks to the wildlife, there are many spectacles to behold across Canada. However, one of the most unique that offers a rather special experience is the Capilano Suspension Bridge. Located in British Columbia, the massive suspension bridge sits 300 feet above the river canyon and Pacific rainforest. 

It’s one of the most incredible pedestrian bridges in the world. The Capilano Suspension Bridge makes for a great day of walking and taking in the sights from the treetops, and those interested in photography can be confident they’ll find plenty of wildlife and scenery to capture. 

Experience casino gaming the modern Canadian way

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Casinos are everywhere in Canada. Many are run by native Canadians on their own land, while others are towering buildings run by big international brands. However, with the life of the modern Canadian being so busy – as is, too, the experience of a tourist coming to Canada – most turn to their smartphones or laptops to get the authentic casino experience when it suits them the best. 

In Canada, the live casino format of online gambling has become wildly popular. Through new live casino promotions, people all over the country are picking up their devices to enjoy real-time casino gaming at a real table of blackjack, roulette, or even niche games like Dream Catcher, Lightning Dice, and Monopoly Live. Playing live casino games is the modern way and certainly suits the busy nature of being in a country as exciting and diverse as Canada.

Discovering Inuit culture

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Unlike the native Canadians who run casinos and casino games on their reserves, Inuit communities adopt a much more traditional life of hunting their own food and living in nature. Being out in the wild and having explored the areas as a way of life, Inuit-ran tours can offer you unique and superior looks at Canada. 

Global warming is hitting the Inuit communities very hard, with many of their traditional methods of survival being made redundant due to climate change. This has forced them to seek new lines of revenue to enable them to turn to store-bought foods, which includes their very own tours. The Inuit Adventure Cruise in Arctic Canada has proven to be very popular, taking tourists from Kuujjuaq to polar bear-populated icebergs, and to their remote villages. 

With so much to see and do in Canada, it can be hard to hone in on an itinerary to well and truly tick Canada off of your bucket list. But to fully embrace the nation, you should see the sights, make the most of the best live casino gaming on offer, and embrace the Inuit community and all of its knowledge.

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