Best Vacation Destinations in the USA in 2021

Best Vacation Destinations in the USA in

The future is bright for travel in 2021, so get those passports out and get ready to travel to some of the most desirable bucket list destinations in the United States right now.

From the Alaska Coast to the long stretches of beaches in California, the United States has something for everyone, and it’s about time travelers explored this bountiful country and all it has to offer. Now that travel restrictions are beginning to ease, we’ve conjured up a list of the top destinations to visit in the United States in 2021.

Please ensure you research how Covid-19 has affected travel to these destinations before planning your trip, and remember some commercial airlines may restrict journeys to some destinations more than others. Let’s start with Astoria in Oregon.

Astoria, Oregon

This northwestern town located at the Columbia River’s opening in Oregon offers the perfect getaway for anyone looking to explore the USA’s seaside towns. The quaint boutiques, one-of-a-kind hideaways and beautiful Victorian architecture are dotted throughout Astoria. Craft beers and fishing are the main sports in this charming location and attract visitors from all over. Explore the famous Craft Beer Trail, which visits sites such as the Buoy Beer and the Fort George Brewery.

If you plan to stay in the town, the Cannery Pier Hotel has been recently renovated and is now fitted with its spa overlooking the ocean. When looking for a bite to eat, you’d better stop off at the South Bay Wild Fish House and try some of their well-known sustainably-caught Dungeness crabs, and Orgeon’s native pink shrimp caught fresh from the sea that day.

Alaska’s Coast

The pandemic may have canceled 2020’s cruise season, but we’re hoping 2021 will bring the season back. Every year, over 1.3 million travelers venture to Alaska onboard ships between May and September while marveling at the Alaskan landscapes and wildlife. If the glaciers and humpback whales aren’t enough for you, the towns offer amazing history lessons and indigenous art celebrations.

Explore national parks such as Glacier Bay and Misty Fjords by boat and enjoy the breathtaking scenery. If you’re looking for a fun activity, rent out kayaks with the Seabourn Odyssey adventure program or choose the more luxurious option and look into the 6-passenger yachting experience in Prince William Sound.

From the wild’s of Alaska to the deserts of Arizona:

Tucson, Arizona

This desert city has often been overlooked for the likes of Santa Fe and Las Vegas, but Tuscon is really beginning to come into its own. It was a wellness destination long before the term became popular and deemed by UNESCO to be a City of Gastronomy.

Besides the yummy food, spas and boutique hotels, there’s also plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in nature. Just take a look at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, which is essentially a massive outdoor zoo, and Saguaro National Park.

We can’t think of anywhere better to immerse yourself in that Old Western charm.

The Berkshires, Massachusetts

Old meets new in this 19th-century town located in Western Massachusetts. With modern and innovative hotels popping up throughout this picturesque town, the atmosphere feels youthful and exciting. Miraval Berkshires is the third luxe wellness resort to have opened up in the area and attracts many relaxing holiday seekers.

The town is perfect for anyone still wary of the pandemic as it offers plenty of wide-open spaces and well-run museums and galleries, which provide plenty of room for social distancing.

If you’re looking for an exciting outdoor adventure, take a hike up Mount Greylock or Monument Mountain and dine at the Cantina 229 out in nature. For a classic weekend stay, the Georgian Estate offers the perfect bed and breakfast experience as a romantic getaway for two.

Big Sky, Montana

Soon to be known as America’s Alps, Big Sky offers over 5800 acres of skiable land for keen adventurers to explore. Skiers know the Rocky Mountains for their powder-perfect runs and beautiful landscapes. With the Big Sky Resort set to open soon, travelers can find smaller, more boutique stays at the two slope-side hotels known as the Summit and Huntley Lodge.

The Montage Big Sky will open its doors in time for the 2021 ski season and will offer visitors 3500 acres of private golfing and skiing opportunities, as well as an enormous spa and bowling alley. There are plenty of hiking and mountain-biking trails in the surrounding area for you to enjoy when the ski season finishes. When the snow does eventually melt, the Yellowstone National Park will provide you with endless miles of beautiful scenery and adventures for you to enjoy.

From the snowy mountains to a tropical-esque beach:

The Gulf Coast

The perfect beach escape does exist, and travelers can find the beautiful dunes along the Florida Panhandle in the collection of towns that make up the Emerald Coast. This out-of-place Caribbean paradise has plenty of private beaches and restaurants that will make your stay worthwhile. Stay at the Perdido’s Beach Resort and enjoy the Gulf State Park when visiting this beautiful beach community. The endless array of fresh seafood will leave you wanting more when it’s time to go.

2021 brings hope to those missing travel and the excitement of exploring a new location. With these top locations to visit in the USA, you’re all set for your next wild adventure when everything finally returns to normal. Pack your suitcase and book those tickets because it’s time to resume your exploration of the world: starting with the USA. 

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