Best Things About Living in Rural Canadian Provinces

Rural Canadian Provinces

Rural provinces, areas where cities are far apart, and there’s more livestock than people, may seem like flyover land to some people, but those who know its value prize it above anything else.

These are the top awesome things about living in rural Canadian provinces and why it’s a good idea to give it a try!

Tight-Knit Communities

Closer communities are more likely to keep an eye out for one another and ensure that everyone’s safe and cared for.  A tight-knit community can help ensure that a child is cared for if a parent has an emergency and will let you know if they saw someone suspicious on your property.

This gives you the feeling of being at home and connected with people who care about you as much as you care about them.  Of course, it can’t replace living close to family, but it does a good enough job that people seek out this type of area.

Better Work-Life Balances

A good work-life balance will be the thing that saves you from a life of stress and unhappiness.  By allowing yourself to stop, take the time you need, and then return to work, you give yourself the time you need for more creative ideas, better communication, and better mental health.

Although you can still find this living within city limits, it’s easier to get when living in a rural area where you can walk to work or take a weekend off to go camping.

More Affordable Housing

The worst thing about cities is how expensive the housing is.  For the last three years, the average home in Toronto has sold for over a million dollars.

This is out of reach for most Canadians, which is why when they see that St. Albert real estate is going for less than half of that, they start moving.  Affordable housing means that families can afford more space, and more people can afford housing instead of being stuck renting.

Same Amenities as City Life

The amenities that make city life so valuable are still available in some ways to people who live in rural areas.  This means you don’t have to worry about missing out on good internet, hospitals, schools, entertainment, restaurants, or other things that matter to sustain a healthy and well-rounded life.  Although there are fewer options for entertainment, rural cities and provinces still find a way to ensure that everyone’s having a great time while they’re living there.

Low to No Pollution

When you live in a rural area, pollution takes on a different meaning than just chemicals in the air or water.  Sound and light pollution are two things that cities are infamous for, yet the people who live in them hardly notice.

When you move out of the city, you’ll quickly realize how quiet and peaceful it is and how bright the stars are at night.  This can improve your quality of life and allow you to feel more restful at the end of the day, encouraging better sleep.

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