Best Monsoon Trips From Mumbai

Monsoon, the time when most of the Mumbaikars struggle to lead a peaceful life. Traffic jams blocked roads and channels, the city just seems to be in a state of disarray. People can’t reach their offices in time, children find it tough as well due to the heavy downpour and severe flood that covers the financial capital of India. Such a season is perfect for a getaway. Going on a trip is the best way to escape these severe conditions. What better time to go out on a lovely trip with your family when everybody is either stuck in their homes and traffic jams? Guess what! This time around we will tell you about some of the places you can visit with your family and friends during the harsh monsoon. Here are some of those places -:


Located 83KM away from the dream city of Mumbai, the beautiful hill station has plenty to offer. The lush green mountains and gorgeous waterfalls make it the best place to visit on a vacation. What makes it more pleasing is the climatic conditions. Away from the hustle and bustle of Mumbai, Lonavala is cool and calm. You can trek, or climb the rock with your family. For the lovers of peace, there are lakes beside which one can sit with their loved ones and relax.


Just a 48KM drive away from Mumbai, Karnala is one of the best places to visit with your family and friends. It offers one of the best treks of Maharastra. People generally love to climb up the Karnala fort which offers an adventurous experience. During the rainy season, the entire place is converted into a green blanket and looks divine with streams of water coming down. Moreover, the place also has a bird sanctuary containing 198 species of different birds coming from afar. Thus, Karnala is just not an excellent place to visit but it is also one of the best places to explore and meet new creatures.


Yet another adventurous place located 80KM away from the dream city, Matheran becomes a heaven for trekkers during the rainy season. A trail to the “one tree hill” is one of the most famous trekking in Matheran. There are plenty of temples available in Matheran, just in case you are a religious individual. Adding to that there are some famous cuisine points in Matheran where you can add delight to your adventure. Various gorgeous sightseeing will never let you get bored of Matheran in any away.


If you just want to walk, walk and walk around the greens, Karjat is the right place for you. Just 64KM away from Mumbai, the place is full of greenery and you will be blissed out to see such amazing sceneries. Also for the fans of Bollywood and Hollywood, Karjat is going to be a memorable place. Movie lovers can visit N D theme park which has some replicas of both Bollywood and Hollywood movies to offer. Only a movie lover can understand the importance of those sceneries and places where their favorite stars played their roles. Moreover, for the lovers of history Kondana caves make the visit worthwhile. A few waterfalls also add beauty to the place.


Alibaug, a historic place located 95KM from Mumbai can be reached through the means of a boat from Gateway of India or by a car. The place has a rich history behind it. The place has a couple of forts to explore known as Murud-janjira and Kolaba. There are 2 beaches as well namely Varsoli and Alibaug beach where you can spend some quality time with your family and friends. You can also go trekking and some adventure sport will add fun to your trip. Moreover, Alibaug has a lighthouse which has hosted many Marathi and Hindi films.


Tired of visiting overcrowded hill stations? Well, we can understand the problem and that is why we suggest you visit Durshet. Here you can go trekking, sports, climbing without a lot of disturbance around you. Traveling to Durshet is equals to establishing a connection between you and the Mother Nature. Away from the rough and tough life of the cities, this place lets you experience nature to its maximum.

Prabalgarh Fort

The fort of Prabalgarh has a long history behind it. The fort has been a witness to a lot of fights over centuries which is depicted on it now. Only the ruins remain which can interest a lot of history lovers. The place will also excite the adventure lovers as its landscapes and the viewpoints such as the Little Chowk Point and the Lousia point are commendably beautiful. The place is situated around 61KM away from Mumbai at an altitude of 2300 feet. Moreover, there is also a temple of Lord Ganesha which makes it more of a peaceful place to visit.

Mulshi Dam

A major generator of electricity, the dam provides the power to the city of Mumbai. The dam is built on the river named Mula and flows vigorously during the season of Monsoon. The region is green yet foggy gives a feeling of walking in the clouds. The place will calm your mind down and the divine beauty of nature will give you a peaceful experience of a lifetime and guess what? You are just a 3-hour drive away from the dream city of Mumbai. So, concluding this we assume now you have plenty of places that you can visit or look forward to visiting from your formally scheduled lives in Mumbai. All these authentic places can pave the way for your escape from the waterlogged roads, flooded houses and traffic jams. So, the choice ultimately lies with you. The monsoon can either be made memorable of the same old struggle. In our advice, choosing the former way of spending will be more of a fun and less of sitting at home and struggling to go out. On a concluding note, we wish you all a great monsoon season.

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