Best Holiday Spots in the US

Best Holiday Spots in the US

The US has countless excellent holiday spots. With so many people looking to travel internationally after the Covid-19 pandemic, the US is naturally on the wish list of many tourists. America has numerous coastal areas with beautiful beaches, snow-capped mountains, deserts, rocky mountains, gorges, valleys, and more that call out to people who want a taste of Mother Nature with all the safety and beauty. 

Several people are also considering shifting to the US for work and employment. However, touring a place and settling down are very different aspects. It would be best first to roam the country, see the people, places, cuisines, and if you like the area. Once that happens, and you finalize a city or state to settle in, contacting a well-reputed US immigration lawyer is best to help with the paperwork and documentation so the final shifting becomes easy. Going for a holiday, seeing the topography, understanding the weather patterns and changes, and making an informed decision will help with the eventual transition. It will prepare you and your family for the shift.

Let us look at some of the best holiday spots in the US while you decide which is the best place to settle down. 

New York:

Without a doubt, every tourist should see New York at least once when travelling to the US. First-timers can walk the streets eating hot dogs, drinking coffee from the many street side cafes, stroll through 5th Avenue, see Rockefeller Center, visit the many museums and attractions, and of course, visit Central Park in Manhattan. 

There’s also the gorgeous Statue of Liberty, The High Line, the Chrysler Building, Broadway, and Times Square. New York has endless places to eat and drink, excellent social and nightlife, everything from book clubs to fantasy role-plays, and more, with something of interest for everyone. New York should definitely be the number one place on your itinerary.

Grand Canyon:

The first impression of the Grand Canyon is always extremely humbling. Most first-timers feel incredible humility when they stand in front of the vast greatness of the Grand Canyon. This must-see destination is also on most people’s bucket lists, so you can easily tick this one off the list. The unfathomable depth, endless horizons, and rock formations make you think you’re on another planet. 

The Grand Canyon is easily accessible from Phoenix and Las Vegas or smaller towns like Flagstaff and Sedona. You can also catch a train from Williams, Arizona and start from the southern rim of the Canyon. Summer is usually the most crowded, so spring or autumn are the perfect seasons to view this majestic natural wonder.  


Houston is beautiful throughout the year. It is the getaway of choice for families, couples, elderly citizens, or solo travellers. Houston Airport is exceptionally well connected and has direct flights to almost all major cities across the US and Canada. You can catch a flight, train, or bus to Houston, catch a sports game, wander around the city, see the famous Museum District, lounge by the poolside in some of the country’s best hotels and resorts, and rent a kayak, and more. 

You can also take a stroll through the Buffalo Bayou Park, catch a movie, visit Galveston and its many beaches (about an hour away from the main city), and of course, stop off at the Space Center in Houston and say the most iconic line in all Hollywood space movies – Houston, we have a problem!

Las Vegas:

While it is true that not all that glitters is gold, nothing can get more glittery than Las Vegas! This city of lights never sleeps, has a unique appeal of its own, and is home to some of the world’s most extravagant resorts and hotel chains. Las Vegas and its glamorous world are a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

This city’s entertainment and social options are endless, with some of the best music bands touring the many hotels, Cirque du Soleil performing, art exhibitions and immersive experience shows, dancing fountains, and of course, erupting volcanoes! You can also leave the city and visit Hoover Dam and Death Valley National Park.


Waikiki on the Hawaiian island of Oahu is one of America’s most incredible gems. The tropical island is a paradise with stunning vistas of the Pacific Ocean. You can rent surfboards, sip coconut water, enjoy fabulous seafood, party at the beach daily, meet new people, make great relationships, and have a wonderful time. 

The resorts and hotels are fabulous, the beaches are golden, the weather is excellent all year round, and the people are amicable. 

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