Adventure in Bangalore to Bring Out the Adrenaline Rush in You

Life in a tech city can be monotonous during the week especially because of the work pressure. This is all the more reason why you should unwind when you get some free time. Unwinding will help you connect with your own self and face your struggles. Once you come face to face with your problems, introspection will also solve them. However, how are you supposed to trigger that inner peace and revive your true self? How are you supposed to sweat out the stress and smile at the challenges ahead of you? How are you supposed to unwind in Bangalore? In case you are not aware of, there are plenty of outdoor & adventurous activities to do in Bangalore that will help you discover yourself anew. So, how about some adventure sport in and around Bangalore to rediscover the beauty of life?

Get Colourful with Paintball:

Paintball has gained immense popularity over the years in Bangalore especially among the new generation. Playing paintball gives you the chance to gear up in covered clothes, hook the gun to your shoulder, aim at your opponents, and shoot pellets of different colour paints till you become victorious. This game requires a lot of running around and hiding. Therefore, it will surely remind you of the celebration of Holi and help you enjoy a wonderful time with friends and family. Head to either Kanakpura or Bannerghatta Road during the day to experience the wonder a paintball fight can do in your life.

Rev Up the Engine with Go-karting:

Nothing ignites the thrill more than racing against the blowing wind on your face. While you may have already done that on your bike or while driving your car on the highway, you perhaps did not get the feel of being a professional race car driver. Go-karting in Bangalore on the same tracks that host competitions for pro drivers is one of the finest ways to spend an exciting time with friends and family. Under the guidance of trainers, you will learn the tricks of driving safe and fast. You will probably end up longer than expected showering the next day, but who cares about the dusty roads when you can enjoy to the fullest?

Explore the Land of Snow:

Your busy schedule may not always spare enough days to head to the snow-clad mountains and relish the chilled weather. If your heart craves for running up the snow-covered slopes, throwing snowballs at each other, building a snowman, or carving out a snow angel, Bangalore will not disappoint you. You will be able to enjoy similar activities at the artificial snow park. From dancing on the snowy floor to climbing up the snow mountain, this artificial snow world will give you the relief you need in life. And, in case you are not dressed up for the snow party, the staff will help you choose proper snow boots and coats and help you get acclimatized in different temperature ranges so that you can have a blast ultimately!  

Go Parasailing with the Winds:

The feel of the cool breeze blowing against your face on a warm sunny day is heavenly.The sight of the beautiful sun shining upon the green foliage and making the dew drops on the colourful flowers and green leaves twinkle is mesmerizing. And, this marriage between thrill and natural beauty can be witnessed if you try out parasailing at Jakkur Airfield. If you are a first-timer or if you require help, you will be assisted by trained professionals. Have faith when people say parasailing will make you feel as great as an eagle and help you revive your lost energy.

The Amazing Escape in Bangalore : Unveil the Sherlock in You

Not all of us enjoy toiling hard and sweating to feel the adrenaline rush. What about some mind games? What about playing detective for a while and solving a case within an hour? If your nose sniffs for danger and your eyes look for clues, you must visit The Amazing Escape in Bangalore. This place is a fun-filled, grey-cell igniting zone that will keep you engaged for an hour as you make your way out of a themed room. There are different themed rooms where you can get locked (under strict monitoring to ensure safety).  Track down the clues, solve them, and escape before the clock screams the completion of a designated hour!

Climb Up Some Rocks:

Do you think pull-ups are easy? No matter what your opinion is, you will surely enjoy rock and wall climbing once you get the hang of it. It is that sport that will require you to secure your grip with strength, look for the loopholes with focus, and push yourself higher to victory. This is an activity that will lift your mood up by giving you the taste of victory after toiling hard. This sport will teach you that nothing is impossible when you try your best. Rock climbing is a must-try that you can enjoy on any day of the week. And, once you feel comfortable, set out to the Savandurga Hills to conquer the two cliffs.   

Tackle the Waves while Rafting:

Plenty of people love the sight and feel of water. And, plenty of people feel that nothing can be more adventurous than dancing to the rhythm of the water. If you are wondering how water can be your dancing partner, head out to Coorg and try out white water rafting. Paddling against the gushing waters, spiraling your way around the rocks and boulders, and witnessing the natural beauty of Coorg from a different point of view is a part of white water rafting, and, hence, this sport is an adventure on its own that you cannot afford to miss.

Cycle Down to the Ghati Ghats:

If you can balance yourself on two wheels, nothing can beat the fun involved with cycling down the smooth roads to the Ghati Ghats. This cycling trail is roughly 30 km away from Bangalore and ends up at Ghati Ghats that is known for the extraordinary natural beauty. Imagine sitting on a rusted bench sipping a cup of hot filter coffee while waiting for a wholesome South Indian breakfast tray. Does it not sound enticing? To experience this fun-filled adventure, put on your tracksuit and cycle down to the Ghati Ghats this weekend.

Bangalore is not as robotic as you assume it to be. There are plenty of things to do in Bangalore that will let you grip on to adventure like never before. Yes, it is true that your work-life might be tiring. However, no matter how weary you are, give yourself a break and engage yourself in the adventurous activities that excite you. If you do so, you will feel more focused and be ready to face the challenges that come your way, overcome the difficulties, and emerge victorious eventually.

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