7 Ways to Have an Unforgettable Time in Dubai

7 Ways to Have an Unforgettable Time in Dubai

Dubai is currently one of the most attractive tourist destinations. Let’s talk about 7 ways to spend an unforgettable time in the city of luxury.

1. Sightseeing

Dubai is known all over the world for its skyscrapers. The tallest in the world is located right here.

Be sure to visit the flower park, visit the dancing fountains. A new area, made in the manner of ancient settlements of the Emirates. There will be no skyscrapers here, only low-rise buildings with artificially shabby houses and ancient streets that will take you back to the old days.

Dubai’s modern attractions are skyscrapers, entertainment centers, sports complexes, parks, fountains, and small islands.

2. Rent a luxury car

You can travel around Dubai in various ways: by public transport, by taxi, or even by bike. But if you want to feel the spirit of this city, then you will need a luxury car for this. Comfort at the highest level, lightning speed, and prestige. Luxury car rental services will provide thousands of high-end cars to choose the one that will delight you. In just a few minutes – and you are driving through the streets of Dubai in a supercar. What could be more memorable?

3. Shopping

It would seem that shopping can surprise, except for numerous purchases and joyful anticipation of this event. Today there are about a hundred huge shopping malls in Dubai that amaze the imagination. These are real temples of commerce, where shopping is just one of the components of the celebration of life.

There are many cafes, entertainment centers, shops, small halls for walking and relaxing. Each shopping center strives to surprise with its luxury and uniqueness.

Another exciting pastime for shopping lovers is, of course, a visit to the local market. On Gold Souk, where you will find everything your heart desires on a vast territory.

4. Gastronomic tourism

For many tourists, travel is associated with new dishes that they can try. There is a huge variety of bars, restaurants, and cafes in Dubai. Some of them are located near the coast, others on the roofs of buildings. Also, don’t forget about themed restaurants. Every restaurant or cafe tries to surprise its visitors.

In the evening, visit local bars and discos. Although Dubai is very strict about offenses and drunkenness, there are plenty of night bars here.

5. Extreme

Do you want to look at underwater predators and raise the adrenaline bar to the maximum? Then diving is waiting for you.

Dubai is full of entertainment that is connected with flying: hang gliding, towed parachutes, balloon, skydiving.

You can tickle your nerves in the abandoned Rev-El-Khaimah Palace. According to legend, ghosts live there. According to it, the genies specifically settled here to interfere with the life of the royal family, which is why they left the palace. Today, this structure is surrounded by a large fence to isolate these genies from the city. There is also a village near the palace, which has an equally frightening name — ghost town. You will like it there if you like to visit places that civilization has left.

6. Entertainment for children

In the Emirates, they do everything to make children feel comfortable. Together with all your family, you can visit the Green Planet Zoo, where you will meet a lot of interesting animals and be able to touch some of them.

Another fascinating place for walking is the aqua park. You can remember your childhood together with children in the Lego Park. There are many places in Dubai to get a pleasant experience for the whole family.

7. Other entertainment

Of course, you should go on a safari, from which you will experience quite a few mixed emotions, from complete delight to fear. We also recommend visiting a ski resort built in the middle of the desert. Who would have thought that such a thing was possible? Go snowboarding or skiing while outside the walls of this complex +40℃. Of course, do not forget about the beach holidays, for which many people come here.

Dubai is waiting to make your dreams come true. Just take a step towards it.

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