7 Creative Ways to Spend Your Winter Holidays

Creative Ways to Spend Your Winter Holidays

Christmas and New Year make the holiday season shine with warmth, happiness, and, obviously, Christmas lights. We all have fun on holidays, but what to do during the in-between days? TV shows and Christmas festive food are nice things to consider. But once you have a headache and stomachache, time to change your holiday activities (or rather ‘inactivities’).

Our experts have made a list of creative decisions on how to spend your holiday season to the fullest. Check them below and have fun!

#1: Harry Potter Theme Party

We all know that the Christmas season is all about binge-watching Harry Potter movies and binge-reading the books. Take your ‘binge’ to another level and organize a theme party!

Turn your home into Hogwarts hall and write an invitation to your guests. Can’t focus on writing because it makes you obsessively worry about essays? Well, you can reach for the best writing my papers and make sure your college essay lands on your professor’s desk on time.

To make the spirit of Hogwarts Christmas knock on your door, you’ll need:

  • Banners of Hogwarts houses. Find them online and print them out or draw the banners by yourself;
  • Hogwarts animals. The stickers will do well enough. If you want to move to a new level, ask your friends to bring the pets with them. Just make sure no mouse shares the same fate with Ron’s rat;
  • Wands and robes. These costume elements can be hand-made. There are plenty of masterclasses online. Take your friends, your old T-shirts, and have fun!
  • Flying keys. Buy old rusty keys and polish them. Then stick them to the ceiling with a fishing line to make the strings invisible. Oh, don’t forget to add the feathers!
  • More decorations. Use broomsticks and pots for potions, add Halloween spiders, and you’re good to go!
  • Pour the beverages into glass jars and stick themed labels. You can find the latter on the Internet and print them out;

Enjoy your Christmas with pumpkin juice and butterbeer!

#2: Craft a Scrapbook

Once you made memories after your Harry Potter theme party, time to learn the art of scrapbooking. The latter is a great winter hobby to start while listening to the crackling fire and sipping hot chocolate.

Scrapbooking allows one to connect with their family and friends creatively. At the same time, a scrapbook preserves one’s happy memories. All you need to do is take scissors, a ruler, and a bottle of glue. Buy decoration elements like beads, take brushes and colors, and channel your inner Dali out. Don’t know how to start scrapbooking? There are plenty of masterclasses to choose from online.

#3: Take a Snowshoe Walk in the Forest

What sounds better than that crispy snow under your shoes in winter? We advise you to go for a snowshoe walk on a sunny day. By doing so, you’ll enjoy the glistening icicles on the trees and the sparkling field of snow.

Afraid you’ll get lost in the forest? Reach the companies whose guides can accompany you on your walk. Or find some locals. For a small fee, they’ll show you the most beautiful routes and tell you the local myths and legends.

What to do on your snowshoe walk?

  • Organize a quick photosession;
  • Build a snowman;
  • Make a snow angel;
  • Simply enjoy the winter beauty.

#4: Make a Themed Quest for Your Friend

The treasure-hunting quest is a great way to add fun to your friend’s birthday if it’s in winter.

Now, this ploy will take tons of time and resources. First of all, you should know your friend really well on the level of predicting their actions. Secondly, you’ll need the help of others. Thirdly, be careful with the scale. For instance, your quest might include your house or a few locations in the town. The more places you add the better prepared you should be.

How to make treasure hunting smooth?

  • Don’t make the riddles too difficult to guess. Otherwise, you risk your friend getting stuck in the same location forever;
  • It’s better to give your friend a map of locations, so they know where to start from;
  • Make sure there is a team member at each of the locations. If your friend is confused, they might need a hint to solve the problem.

#5: Christmas-Themed Restaurant Meals

If you think Christmas is too much ado about nothing, skip all cooking and cleaning and move the holiday to the nearest restaurant. Cafes and restaurants use mesmerizing Christmas decorations during the holiday season. Even the staff dress like elves and other Christmas characters.

The menu also includes delicious Christmas meals to share with your friends and family. Just make sure to book a table in advance because dining out is especially popular on winter holidays.

#6: Learn Baking

Is there a more appropriate season to learn baking than winter? All those ginger cookies and lemon pies make you ask for the secrets of holiday baking.

Again, there are plenty of masterclasses to learn baking your favorite pies. Most of them are free and easy to follow. Enroll in baking masterclasses or courses to create chocolate cookies for Santa and gingerbread for you and your family.

#7: Let’s Do Some Charity

One doesn’t have to be a God believer to love the whole charity concept.

Why donate? Giving items you no longer need is a great way to feel you’re helping someone less lucky than you are. You don’t have to be a celebrity to donate unbelievable sums of money. Just focus on simple things.

How to start your charity journey on Christmas?

  • Go to the local shelter and ask if they need some extra help. For instance, you may serve food to the homeless there;
  • Donate food and clothes you no longer need. Just make sure the clothes are of good quality – respect the person who’s going to wear them;
  • Ask the authorities for permission to organize a book reading evening at the orphanage.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are tons of Christmas opportunities to explore while at home or out with your friends. Think of Christmas as the time to take some rest and try new things. Always wanted to learn baking but was always busy for it? It’s time to finish that bucket list!

We hope the article was helpful to you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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