7 Best Spots To Surf In The USA

7 Best Spots To Surf In The USA

Surfing is the love of a lifetime! Every surfer is ready to overcome hundreds and thousands of miles to experience this incredible feeling again: to stand on the board and surrender to the energy of the ocean.

In the US, every coast boasts a huge number of beaches. Some might say that some beaches are definitely better than others when it comes to surfing. However, we disagree – each one is unique and has something interesting, unusual and exciting to offer to everyone.

If the waves are calling you, don’t resist, choose any spot from our list and rush for new emotions. And to make your trip as comfortable as possible, we recommend you pay attention to RealCar.nyc and rent a Land Rover Defender that will be good for all your things including a surfboard.

Montauk, New York

Montauk is not the warmest place for surfing, but you should definitely try it as it is one of the best surf spots in the region – the waves here will not leave anyone indifferent. Most importantly, prepare well and don’t forget your wetsuit. We are sure that the impressions will be unforgettable after visiting Montauk. It will also be interesting for all lovers of legends and mysticism, because according to rumors, the Montauk Monster lives here.

North Shore Oahu, Hawaii

This place is very famous among surfers from all over the world, because Triple Crown of Surfing competitions are held here. Moreover, the most popular, dangerous and exciting surf break Pipeline is also here. A lot of people choose this place because of the incredible barrels which local waves form. In winter, the waves here are especially impressive, from October to April. If you are a beginner, don’t worry – you can visit one of the many surf schools and learn or improve your skills pretty quickly.

Huntington Beach, California

Another place from the state of California made our list – Huntington Beach. This is a real paradise for surfers. There are many surf schools, surf camps, surf shops. The US Open of Surfing is held here. What’s more, this place is also famous for the Dog Surf Championship. Therefore, if you have a dog, and your pet likes to spend time actively in the water, take it with you the next time.

Santa Cruz, California

The next spot on our list is Santa Cruz. This destination is popular among surfers of any skill level, because the local waves can be both soft and low and high and dangerous for real professionals. Participate in competitions, visit all kinds of attractions and have fun around the clock!

The Outer Banks, North Carolina

As noted by National Geographic, this is one of the best surf spots in the world. So, if you haven’t been here yet, this must be corrected. You can take an instructor to improve your skills, as well as come with your family to a surf camp so that even the youngest members of your family can share your interest.

Cocoa Beach, Florida

This city is very popular among beginners – its beaches offer very soft and smooth waves. In addition to surfing, you can visit many local restaurants and taste delicious seafood, watch the surfing championship, which, by the way, is held every weekend, and have fun.

Seaside, Oregon

This place is one of the most visited among beginners, because there is everything for learning and improving skills – two schools, excellent instructors and soft waves. If you’re not a pro yet, you should pay attention to this destination point.

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