6 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in the Philippines

To suggest that the Philippines is a paradise for island lovers is an understatement! The nation comprises 7,000 islands, each of which is a tourist attraction in its own right. The Philippines has beautiful white sand beaches that seem to go on forever and a spectacular underwater world. It also does not hurt that you will have nothing but sunshine and tan lines for six months of the year. 

If you come for the culture and food, you will not be disappointed. Moreover, the islands of the Philippines deliver the ultimate island getaway, with clear emerald seas and white sand beaches. 

We have formed a brief list of the best places to visit in the Philippines, including the best beaches, picturesque resort cities, and lush jungles. Let us start with the best places to visit that are both stunningly beautiful and easy to get to, making them ideal for first-time tourists. 

6 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in the Philippines 

Following that, we will show you some places that stand out from the rest of the country’s attractions. 

1- Cebu 

Cebu is the most visited tourist destination in the world, and for a good reason. It is unrivalled in terms of the variety of activities and attractions. Cebu is the Philippines’ “jack of all trades” when it comes to tourist destinations, so visit Cebu pacific airlines booking for your next flight.. 

Enjoy natural scenic spots like waterfalls, beaches, mountain views, and so on, thrilling wildlife, colonial heritage tours, shopping at some of the world’s largest malls, and local cuisine; all is quite enchanting in Cebu. 

While staying at a luxury resort on Mactan Island, a centrally located hotel/Airbnb in the capital, or a quiet beachfront resort in the countryside, you can easily do all these things. It is your choice! 

2- Manila 

If you are flying long haul to the Philippines, you will most likely arrive in Manila, the country’s capital. Manila is now a booming and relatively large city with everything from gleaming skyscrapers to quirky Dessert Museums and a rich past.

Visit the lush gardens of Fort Santiago, take a jeepney, and stop by Jollibee’s for some spicy chicken while you are here. It is not fancy in the least, but the chicken is completely addicting. 

For first-time travelers, Manila can appear to be a daunting place to visit. However, with a well-planned travel itinerary, it is very manageable. 

Manila’s fascinating tourist attractions, food destinations, and enjoyable activities are sure to make you fall in love. 

Intramuros, also known to be “Walled City,” is Manila’s oldest neighborhood and historic center. Intramuros tours are a must-do for history buffs since they include visits to fascinating sites. 

At Manila Bay, there is nothing quite like a golden hour. When the sun begins to sink, make a point of stopping to take in this world-famous view while strolling along Roxas Boulevard’s Baywalk. 

3- El Nido 

You came to see the beautiful beaches and island views that the country has to offer. El Nido, in the province of Palawan, will not disappoint. El Nido in the Philippines can be your favorite for stunning “over-the-water” sea views. 

It is impossible to imagine a spot as magnificent as El Nido not being at the top of this list. El Nido is a spot that makes Filipinos proud, with its beautiful rock formations, pristine beaches, and sparkling aquamarine waters. 

Cliffs, white sand beaches, plentiful coral reefs, and a clear emerald sea make it popular. It is an island haven for those looking for a perfect place to unwind, relax, and enjoy the island lifestyle. 

4- Siargao 

Siargao, a coconut-filled island off the coast of Mindanao, is gaining popularity. Siargao, apart from being a well-known surfing destination, has a lot to offer. 

The islands that can be visited on an island hopping tour are Naked, Daku, and Guyam. Since these islands are only a short boat ride from Siargao’s mainland, you can comfortably visit them in half a day. 

The famous Magpupungko Rock Pool is another must-see attraction in Siargao. It takes more than an hour to get here from General Luna’s touristy town. The tidal pools are best enjoyed at low tide when the enclosed crevices form a natural infinity pool that invites you to swim.

5- Coron 

If you mention Coron to a Filipino, their eyes will light up with delight. Many Filipinos have never visited Coron, but they will confidently proclaim it the most beautiful place in the country

Travel + Leisure, also called Palawan, the province in which Coron is located, is the best island in the world. 

The view of Coron Town below, spanning both Busuanga and Coron Islands is well worth the stinging of salty sweat streaming in your eyes. Only remember to carry plenty of water and a towel and avoid climbing at 3 p.m. Because of extreme hotness in the weather. The heat and humidity are no laughing matter here. 

You can quickly reach the inner secret lagoon during low tide by swimming through an archway in the limestone wall. Fresh and saltwater collide as the limestone towers of Calis Mountain embrace the inner lagoon, forming a thermocline with layers of varying water temperatures. 

6- Mantigue Island 

Mantigue Island is a small island off the coast of Brazil. It is a small island paradise situated 3.5 kilometres off the Coast of Camiguin Island. You know you have found a little bit of heaven on earth when you can stroll around an island in 20 minutes. 

Fine white beaches, clear turquoise sea, lush green palm trees, huts to shelter from the sun, and even a beach volley net if you fancy a game can all be found on Mantigue Island. 


That concludes the ultimate list of the Philippines’ most beautiful locations. The Philippines will not disappoint you if you are the sort of traveler who is on the lookout for the beauty of the Philippines, all things beautiful in every single corner. These destinations require more time to visit, but if you are looking for an adventure, they are well worth the trip. 

I hope you will find this list helpful in determining which of the Philippines’ beautiful destinations you should visit!

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