5 Things That Make Ireland Special


Anyone who has ever set foot on the Emerald Isle will know how much of a magical place it really is. Today, we are rounding up five things that make Ireland special.

From its stunning scenery to its fascinating historical sites, Ireland is a place like no other in the world. Those who visit will not hold back in telling you about all the wondrous things the land of saints and scholars has to offer.

But what is it about Ireland that keeps visitors so intrigued, returning time and time again to its emerald shores? Well, that’s what we’re going to have a look at today.

If you’ve ever wondered what it is about the Emerald Isle that has captured the heart of so many from far and wide, read on. Here are five things that make Ireland special.

5. The food and drinks – warm, hearty, and delicious cuisine

Maybe you’re a fan of a creamy pint of Guinness or maybe you prefer sipping on a strong Irish whiskey. Perhaps you enjoy a warming, hearty Irish stew or prefer a tasty boxty complete with all the toppings.

Whatever your preference, the delicious range of food and drinks from Ireland will sure to delight all tastes and preferences. And while some of it may appear questionable at first glance, we promise that as soon as you take your first taste, you’ll be hooked.

With deep roots in agriculture, Ireland is known for its high-quality, fresh, local produce that makes each meal so delicious. It is for all these reasons combined that the food and drink here is some of the things that make Ireland special.

4. The scenery – some of the most incredible sights in the world

Although it’s small in size compared to some other countries around the world, the breathtaking natural scenery of Ireland sure does pack a punch.

From the wild and rugged beauty of the Wild Atlantic Way, punctuated by craggy cliffs and white sand beaches, to the rolling countryside and coastal stretches of areas such as the Ring of Kerry, you will be awed at every sight you see.

While we may complain about the unpredictability of Irish weather, there is no denying that it adds to our lush, green countryside and breathtaking scenery that we all love so much. So, we really can’t complain too much.

Some of the most epic scenic sites across Ireland include the Cliffs of Moher, Killarney National Park, and Skellig Michael. We could create an endless list, but we’ll give you three to start with.

3. The history – facts entwined with myth and legend

Stretching back thousands of years and mixed up with myth and legend, history is certainly one of the things that make Ireland special.

The roots of this ancient country can be traced right back through time to the Celts, the Vikings, mass emigration, and more. For this reason, people from all over the world can trace their familial lineage back to the Emerald Isle.

If you want to find out more about the country’s history while in Ireland, you can. There are plenty of historical tours led by knowledgeable local guides from all over the country that will take you on a journey through the centuries.

While much of Ireland’s history is an undisputed fact, there are many Irish myths and legends that add to the magic and mystery of this mythical land. Some of our favourites are the tales of fairies, mermaids, giants, leprechauns, and more.

2. The traditions – both modern and historical

With such a rich and vibrant history, it is no surprise that the Irish have so many fantastic traditions. From traditional Irish music to the annual St Patrick’s Day celebration, any reason to celebrate and have the ‘craic’ in Ireland is warmly welcomed.

Some Irish traditions, such as Halloween, stretch back thousands of years. While it is vastly different from the Halloween we know and love today, the annual festivity finds its roots in the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, which marked the end of summer and the beginning of winter.

On the other hand, modern traditions such as the yearly festive family event when we all sit down to watch the Late Late Toy Show are more recent but just as special.

1. The people – the jewel in the crown of the Emerald Isle

Topping our list of things that make Ireland special is undoubtedly the people. Known to be warm and welcoming, with friendly Irish hospitality renowned around the world, the people of Ireland are truly exceptional.

While the history, scenery, and food and drink will all add to your experience of a visit to Ireland, it is the residents that will make it a completely unforgettable experience.

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