3 Most Scenic RV Campgrounds in the US

RV Campgrounds

About 1 million Americans live in RVs full time. While some do it because they can’t afford other housing options, many do it by choice. A report by Outdoorsy, an online RV rental marketplace, shows that in 2020 alone, bookings increased by over 4,500%.

The RV life is incomplete without a great campsite with awesome amenities, space, and views. A million-dollar view is one of the most exciting things about owning a home on wheels. Whether you’re new to the RV world or an experienced RVer, take time to visit these 3 campsites. Carry your camera and capture the unforgettable natural scenery.

1. Wanderlust RV Park

Wanderlust RV Park is located in Eureka Springs, a Victorian town in Arkansas. The park overlooks a deep valley and is perfect for viewing gorgeous sunsets. Filled with flowers, trees, and shrubbery, it’s among the most beautiful RV parks in the US. It’s common to find birds, deer, and other wildlife in the park.

The 46-acre park is built on a scenic ridge. It’s a few minutes away from downtown Eureka Springs, a magnificent sightseeing spot with historic Victorian architecture. To explore the town on a tourist trolley, you’ll pay $85.

The rates vary based on the RV type and size, but typically range between $35 and $60 a night. The park has created a gorgeous backdrop for many automotive images.

2. Lighthouse Point RV Park

Lighthouse Point is found in Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio. It’s popular for its 364-acre waterfront amusement park with thrilling roller coasters and rides. The early park entry and ticket packages keep visitors coming back every summer. 

The park’s beachfront has full hookup, Wi-Fi, and cable, so you’ll feel right at home. The RV campgrounds are close to Lake Erie and have full hookup, picnic tables, concrete pads, and Wi-Fi.

In 2018, the campsite introduced patio sites with furniture, grills, and stunning views of Lake Erie.

3. Trailer Village RV Park

Trailer Village is unique because it’s the only RV park in Grand Canyon National Park with full RV hookups. It also has large leveled RV campsites with open areas that are designed to accommodate RVs of up to 50 feet long.

The park has 84 campsites and is Grand Canyon’s only year-round RV facility.

It’s minutes away from South Rim’s breathtaking views which can be accessed via free shuttles.

Trailer Village is the perfect place to unplug–it has limited Wi-Fi service. The best time to visit is October because the weather is excellent and the park is less crowded. If you forget something at home, or need to stock up on supplies, the park’s store has everything you need.

Pack up and go on that road trip you’ve been planning with your family for ages. Choose one of these dream destinations and cross the adventure off your bucket list. Nothing feels as good as venturing outdoors and spending time in nature. It’s the best way to relax and get in touch with your inner self.

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